Badly Burned LAD Wears Freddy Krueger Mask To Night Club

After a troubling event in life, most people's first reaction is to dwell on their sadness at the hand that life has dealt them. And why not? Life can be pretty shitty sometimes, and it's okay to feel down.

However at some point its best to prepare yourself to get over that hump, whether that means learning a valuable life lesson or simply developing a sense of perspective.

Freddie Beeson, from Cheshire, has certainly done that following a horrific garden fire which left with skin 'hanging off his body'. He claims that humour helped him get over the incident, as his friends nicknamed him 'Crispy' - he even attended a party dressed as Freddy Krueger.

Following 30 operations, a three-month coma, a drastic transformation to his appearance and having to learn how to walk again, Freddie has not let the blaze get him down.

Credit: Mercury Press

The 26-year-old chucked what he thought was oil on some wood in his garden, though later found out it was mixed with petrol, giving him 80 percent burns when it went up in flames.

He was holding the 25-litre drum which he'd poured the liquid in when it exploded, forcing his mum to run and save his life.

The only part of his body that wasn't disfigured was reportedly his face, which avoided a big portion of the fire. Despite having his skin hanging off, as well as deformed hands, he sat on the doorstep having a cigarette before an ambulance arrived.

"I was burning some rubbish in the back garden and I had a drum of oil," he recalls.

"It turned out someone had put petrol in it too and it exploded, setting myself and the garden on fire."

Credit: Mercury Press

He adds: "I had to make my way back to the house while on fire - my mum was stood at the back door, screaming her head off.

"I just had to calmly say :'Wrap me up in the rug, Mum, and put me out.' She was hysterical.

"She wrapped me up in that and put me out, then I waited for the ambulance.

"I was sat on the doorstep having a cigarette with my skin hanging off."

Thankfully he's comfortable with the situation, and relishes his new nickname. He claims that laughter has been the best healer for him, even if it has been at his own expense.

Credit: Mercury Press

"I was that kind of person anyway," he says. "People are shocked when they see me. I went to a rave and some guy cried on me when he saw me - I was only wearing a pair of boxers [so he could see my scars].

"I bought the Freddy Krueger mask for Halloween and I went to a nightclub [with it on].

"I've never actually seen A Nightmare on Elm Street before but people loved it [the outfit].

"My nickname is 'Crispy'. It doesn't bother me."

Even the fact that he flatlined during an operation and that his family were told to say their goodbyes hasn't deterred him from living life to the fullest.

"I was induced into a coma as soon as I arrived at Wythenshawe Hospital.

"I'm told I flatlined during one of the 30-odd operations I had.

"My family were called in the early hours of one morning to say goodbye as a rare infection left me with a very small chance of survival."

Credit: Mercury Press

He continued: "I was in a three-month coma and spent three months learning to walk and feed myself.

"I had 80 percent burns. Now I've only got one finger out of both hands that works.

"The others are scarred right down to the bone and because of the graft I had on my hands, I can only just grip with my left hand.

"I can't work properly because I've no muscles in my hands. I'm forced to be on long-term sick leave."

Despite having an upcoming operation to amputate one of his fingers, he plans on retaining his driving licence, buying a special mobility vehicle and training to become a HGV driver.

I for one hope he smashes it, because he really, really deserves it.

Featured Image Credit: Mercury Press

Mark McGowan

Mark is a journalist at LADbible, who joined in 2015 after a year as a freelance writer. In the past he blogged for independent football fan channel Redmen TV, after graduating from Staffordshire University with degrees in journalism and English literature. He has worked on campaigns such as UOKM8? and IIOC.

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