Queensland Election To Trial Drive-Thru Voting

Depending on where your electorate is, it can be a bit of a nightmare getting a park around the local public school on voting day, especially if you go at a peak time.

You'd think, considering it's 2017, there would be different ways to have your say, rather than just the stock standard pencil and paper.

But Queensland is hoping to bring the democratic process into 2017 by trialing drive-thru voting booths for the upcoming state election.

While the advancement won't be available to every Tom, Dick and Harry, it will be for those with mobility issues and injuries.

They'll be installed at the Oodgeroo and Noosa electorates, making voting an absolute breeze.


Assistant electoral commissioner Dermot Tiernan has told the Brisbane Times: "You drive in, we come to you; we hand you a ballot paper [and] mark you off the roll, you put it in these portable ballot boxes and then they get added to the count.

Mr Tiernan says he's been excited by the response from the local community, adding: "We're getting a lot of calls at the call centre about it, and a lot of the elderly groups are quite interested in it."

The Sunshine State might be the first in Australia to trial the process, but certainly not the first in the world. More than 500 people utilised a drive thru voting booth in El Dorado County, California for the 2008 election.

The Canadian city Calgary also brought it in this year for their municipal election, but this was open to everyone, not just the ones with mobility issues.

Voting Election
Voting Election

Credit: PA

Paul Denys from the City of Calgary told the National Post: "The main objective here is the convenience factor to make sure we are where people are, or where they happen to be at any given moment, so they can take a couple of minutes of their time and vote."

To be fair, people really bloody love convenience.

But this will naturally get people asking why we don't have electronic voting as standard in the age of smartphones and ordering your shopping from your fridge.

However, with better technology, invariably there are concerns around hacking, glitches, privacy and fraud - and you don't want any of those nasties being involved with the system that decides who controls your local area, state or country.

Until that ultimate level of convenience is brought in and secured, we'll have to be happy to drive thru-voting.

Sources: Brisbane Times, National Post, Telegraph

Featured Image Credit: PA

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