Netflix Begs Fans To Not Take Part In The 'Bird Box Challenge'

Sure as day follows night, as a new year arrives, you know the Internet will present us with a new series of viral challenges - kicking off proceedings for 2019 is the Bird Box Challenge, based on the popular Netflix film of the same name.

The challenge stems from the film's storyline in which a woman - along with her two children - must survive in a post-apocalyptic world, and to do so must be blindfolded so as not to fall victim to supernatural creatures who ultimately cause their victims to take their own lives.

Some fans of the show have taken this as inspiration for the #BirdBoxChallenge where they attempt to complete their daily activities while blindfolded. They film it then upload the footage to social media.

Perhaps it's something the mega streaming company could have foreseen due to the popularity of the film...? Either way, Netflix US has now released a statement on Twitter, warning people not to take part in the challenge.

Loads of videos have now been added on social media showing people taking part in the challenge.

One video shows a man with his child and toddler, all blindfolded - it ultimately leads into the toddler running full-on head-first into a wall.

So far there are no reports of anyone being hospitalised due to activities undertaken as part of the Internet craze, but in the past other similar stunts have caused people to need serious medical attention.

You would think navigating your way through a new year would be difficult enough to do without adding in the pressure of trying to do it in an actual blindfold, while being filmed to look for 'likes' on social media.

Sandra Bullock in Bird Box. Credit: Netflix
Sandra Bullock in Bird Box. Credit: Netflix

But, of course this isn't the first time a social media craze has gone too far.

Back in 2018 youngsters were setting themselves alight as part of the 'Fire Challenge' - in August, 12-year-old Timiyah Landers, from Detroit, ended up requiring a ventilator in intensive care after taking part in the dangerous trend.

And in 2017 people were taking on the 'Thumb Challenge' after a meme started circulating social media titled: "If you are bored: How to break your thumb ligament".

Turns out it really worked - a series of people started posting on social media about their so-called 'success' after following the challenge. In the end all of them ended up with torn thumb ligaments.

Perhaps people are just taking their boredom to a new level, who knows? But, Netflix was definitely on the money with this - don't try any of these at home, kids.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Rachael Grealish

Rachael is a NCTJ qualified journalist from West Cumbria, with a passion for news, features and journalism. Outside of work Rachael loves plenty of coffee, running and reading.

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