Instagrammer Who Cried Over Losing Account Slams Her 'Haters'

The Instagramer who cried at the thought of having to get a 'normal job' after her account was deleted has hit back at her 'haters'.

Jessy Taylor lost her Instagram account, which had 113,000 followers, and shared a tearful video to YouTube in which she said: "I know people like to see me be down and be like them and the ninety percenters - the people who work 9-5 - that is not me, I am in LA to not be like that.

"I've worked so fucking hard to get to where I'm at and for that to get taken from me is the worst feeling in the world."

She also revealed that she had previously worked as a prostitute in the past to pay her bills.

But not everyone was full of sympathy for Jessy, so she's now posted a follow-up video in which she slammed her 'haters' and said she works hard for her money.

"The hate comments don't get to me. I just laugh at them - to a point," she said.

Jessy Taylor lost her Instagram account. Credit: Instagram/@duhitsjessy
Jessy Taylor lost her Instagram account. Credit: Instagram/@duhitsjessy

She also went on to explain how she got into prostitution, saying she did it to keep a 'nice roof' over her head and insisted that she only slept with 'high end' clients, including footballers and rappers.

In response to people who had said her parents were loaded, she continued: "Just because my parents are rich, doesn't make me rich. This whole house that you fucking see me recording in is my place. I paid $7,500 just to move in here."

And then she flaunted some of the fruits of her labour, including a fancy backpack, which would set you back over a grand.

"This Gucci bag," she said. "I literally worked so fucking hard for it. This is all my money. This isn't mummy and daddy's money. At the end of the day I'm 21 years old. I am an adult, bro. I have sex. I do whatever the fuck I want at this point, you know. I'm a grown ass woman. Stop treating me like some little girl."

The Instagrammer showed off her expensive bag. Credit: YouTube/Jessy Taylor
The Instagrammer showed off her expensive bag. Credit: YouTube/Jessy Taylor

"I'm done with people being fake."

Discussing those who send hate her way, she said: "I don't hate anybody on this earth except the person who got my Instagram deleted, my cousins and maybe a few other people."

She ended the clip with: "I love my supporters. Hate my haters they can go suck a mother fucking dick at this point. I'm going to keep doing me and still dropping videos. I don't give a fuck."

Fair enough...

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Jessy Taylor

Claire Reid

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