Tattooed Man Who Had His Genitals Removed Has 'Lost Six Stone'

In this day and age, almost as many people seem to have loads of tattoos as those who have none. It's just the done thing now to go out and get the KFC logo tattooed on yourself, or "England 2018 World Cup Winners" on your torso after they win against a team of South American postmen.

None of these efforts can hold a candle to Adam Curlykale, mind. He's a 32-year-old from Kaliningrad, Russia, and he's easily one of the most tattooed people on the planet.

More than 90 percent of his body is coloured in tattoos, even his face is mostly blacked out. Hell, the guy has even tattooed his eyeballs. That's dedication.

Credit: CEN
Credit: CEN

You may remember him even more vividly because he recently had his genitals and his nipples surgically removed because he felt like they were getting in the way of his body art.

Now, he claims that he has lost more than 6 stone (around 40kg) since the surgery, which has prompted people to ask - just how big was his dick?

Seriously though, that's a lot of weight to drop after having your privates lopped off.

Speaking about his decision, he said: "Looking at my genitals I felt abhorrence and abomination."

Credit: CEN
Credit: CEN

He added: "I design my tattoos because it's my body. I have a specific vision for myself and I do it step by step.

"Life is so short that I stopped wondering what will happen tomorrow. Life is here and now."

OK, you do you, Adam, but don't be surprised when a lot of people don't understand your decisions.

Adam rose to his fame when he appeared on the TV show Second Face in Poland. He told the show in 2017 that his tattoos are a way of covering over marks that were left behind after he suffered with cancer years ago.

Credit: CEN
Credit: CEN

The treatment caused his immune system to drop drastically and his skin began to look sickly and pale. Eventually he was diagnosed with albinism and he set about changing the colour of his skin to the way that he wants it.

He said: "I always knew that I was different from the rest of society.

"My favourite colour for example has always have been grey, in different tones, and that's why my current skin colour is graphite."

Fair enough, it sounds like he's had a tough time of it, and if this helps him to feel better about himself then great.

Featured Image Credit: CEN

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