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England Fan Gets 'England 2018 World Cup Winners' Tattooed On Himself

England Fan Gets 'England 2018 World Cup Winners' Tattooed On Himself

If only every football fan had this sort of confidence

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Admittedly, there's still a few weeks of football to be played in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, but as we've already covered, they might as well wrap it up now because England's name is on the trophy.

Or at least, that's what you could be led to believe if you spent any amount of time in the pubs of England, and on the internet.

The 6 - 1 demolition of Panama last Sunday as given not only Gareth Southgate's young team, but also the English nation, reason to believe that football might just be coming home.

Whilst most people remain slightly cautious and try to remember that, OK, it was a good performance, but against a pretty weak Panama side, some prefer to go all in and nail their colours to the mast.

Castleford's Jamie Richardson is one such person, if by 'nail' you mean 'tattoo' and by 'mast' you mean 'his torso'.

Yes, Jamie is so confident that England will triumph in Russia that he has only gone and got a tattoo on his stomach that says: "England 2018 World Cup Winners."

Jamie Richardson
Jamie Richardson

Speaking to LADbible, Jamie said: "We were 5 - 0 at half-time, and I just knew. It just felt like not since Euro 96 when we were 1 nil up against the Germans, or in 1998 when Michael Owen scored against Argentina and before Beckham got sent off, we - in a major tournament - really had a chance of winning.

"I know it was only Panama, but you look at the last five nations that have won - France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Brazil, all of these major teams. It's our turn.

He continued: "Spain drew with Morocco, Germany lost to Mexico.

"You've got all these other teams that are struggling at the minute, and with teams sitting so deep, to go 5 - 0 up against any team at international level is pretty good going."

Jamie Richardson

That settles that, then.

More importantly, perhaps, what does his girlfriend think of it?

Jamie said: "At first, she called me a dickhead, but once she'd seen it, she said it wasn't that bad."

That's a ringing endorsement if ever I've heard one.

The only thing that remains to be seen then is if Gareth Southgate's boys can go all the way and repay Jamie's faith in them. There remains, however, a small chance that England won't become World Champions this time out. Not for Jamie Richardson.

He said: "I haven't even thought about it. I truthfully believe we're going to win it. It's not a gimmick, I honestly think we're going to do it."

If he turns out to be right - and there's still a chance - Jamie's labour of love will look like a stroke of genius.

England fans better hope the Three Lions share Jamie's belief.

Featured Image Credit: Jamie Richardson

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