​Piers Morgan Calls 'Love Island' Contestants 'Most Stupid People In The World'

There's an A&E doctor in there. A solicitor. A nuclear systems engineer. Last year there was a humanitarian bomb disposal expert.

Basically, the Love Island villa is filled with a lot of people who are a damn sight more educated than Piers Morgan.

But Piers loves a reason to be a prize bell-end, so here he is having a massive rant about the intelligence of the reality show's contestants.

Cast your mind back to last Friday's episode, and we were faced with the girls discussing Brexit - and by discussing, we mean they were trying really hard to explain it to Hayley, who has apparently not seen a newspaper or any TV in the last two years.

Admittedly, this was a pretty daft exchange, but it wound Piers up way more than is healthy.

Credit: ITV / Love Island
Credit: ITV / Love Island

On today's instalment of Good Morning Britain, he branded the contestants 'the most stupid people in the world'.

Susanna Reid was having none of it, as usual, and defended the contestants, saying, "I think they represent real life and you shouldn't be snobby about whether someone went to university or not."

You can literally see her jaw clenching at every word that pours out of his mouth. She's hanging on to the edge of her chair, presumably so she doesn't lamp him in the face. The look in her eyes would have most people running away.

The clip in question came from Love Island's dramatic re-coupling episode on Friday, and saw Hayley, a model from Liverpool, questioning exactly what Brexit was.

Credit: ITV / Good Morning Britain
Credit: ITV / Good Morning Britain

When told the government would be making cuts, she said, "Does that mean there won't be any trees?"

Not a great start, but her outrage really kicked up a gear when she realised it would be 'harder to go on holiday'.

After seeing the clip, Morgan said: "Here's why I'm snobby. They really are, in fact, even more stupid than I thought they were."

Seems a bit bloody harsh to judge the entire batch of contestants - and 16 of them have passed through the villa already this series - based on one girl's comments.

He's made it pretty clear that he's not a fan of the programme.

"I can confidently predict these will be the worst eight weeks of my life," Piers said last week.

Well, good, Piers, we hope they are. Anyone up for making Love Island a year-round thing just to piss him off even more?

Featured Image Credit: ITV / Good Morning Britain

Daisy Jackson

Daisy Jackson is a freelance writer, who has previously worked at Shortlist Media and Trinity Mirror. She has written about the Manchester terror attacks and appeared on BBC Five live to discuss the aftermath, as well as interviewing an orthopaedic surgeon in Syria.

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