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People Are Going Wild For Aldi's New Sausage Roll Maker

People Are Going Wild For Aldi's New Sausage Roll Maker

Even YouTube creator LadBaby was sat outside the supermarket before opening to buy one

People are dubbing Aldi's new use-at-home sausage roll maker a ‘game changer’.

Many have welcomed the Ambiano Sausage Roll Maker as a serious new addition to the kitchen.

The device - priced at just £14.99 - found viral fame after YouTube creator and notable sausage roll fanatic LadBaby published a video of his trip to buy one last weekend.

He said: “We are waiting for Aldi to open because there is a game changer in Aldi. OK?”

LadBaby only found out about the new release when someone tipped him off to something that could change his life forever.


Later in the video LadBaby confirms the results.

He said: “It is cooked…

“That is decent mate. Mate. That is decent.”

The general public seem to be in agreement that the sausage roll maker is a must-have for all pastry lovers.

One fan wrote: "Makes nice neat sausage rolls that are not greasy like shop brought ones. Cleans up by wiping with kitchen towel."

Another said: "Had seen these on an Australian Facebook page and was waiting for them to come to England.

"Can do much more than just sausage rolls. Also have a pie maker, so this was the next step. Sometimes a little trial and error but persevere, it is great!"

The Ambiano Sausage Roll Maker.

A third said: "Brought this as an experiment as I was making my own rolls but could not seal them.

"From the first time I used it I was hooked, it's so easy to use, and the rolls well what can I say.

"Trying other ingredients is going to be fun."

The sausage roll maker creates four rolls in each batch using non-stick coated cooking plates.

The non-stick surface makes it easy to clean and it also has cool-touch handles to avoid any burns on too-eager fingers.

The device can also make fruit turnovers and some people claim to have used them with a variety of different fillings.

In LadBaby’s video, the YouTube star cooks his rolls in only 12 minutes.

And I have to say, the sight of those meat-filled crusties does leave me craving a Greggs…


Joining the saussie roll maker on Aldi shelves is a Mini Pie Maker for £19.99 available online and in-store.

The pie maker packs the capacity for eight pies-a-go and can be filled with anything you like.

That does make mince pie cooking next Christmas sound a lot easier.

Aldi's Ambiano Sausage Roll Maker is currently sold out online, so you'll have to try your luck in-store. You can find your nearest Aldi store here.

Aldi's Mini Pie Maker is an online exclusive. You can order one here.

Featured Image Credit: Aldi

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