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Say maaate to a mate next time their behaviour towards women goes too far.

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82% of women surveyed have been on the receiving end of casual sexism.

However, only 35% of men report to have called out their mates for it.

As a community, we can do more to stop sexist behaviour before it gets out of control.

But how?

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The feedback showed that while men know we should call out our friends, many of us don’t know how, or feel uncomfortable doing so.

Say maaate to a mate shows how an everyday word can be all you need to interrupt when a friend goes too far, without making things awkward, or putting your friendship at risk.

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Below are some tips to call out harmful behaviour without humiliating or shaming, or escalating the situation:
Try our interactive video to see how you can say maaate to a mate when their behaviour towards women goes too far, without ruining the moment.
Say maaate - using a familiar and friendly word to interrupt
Don’t feel pressured to laugh along to sexist conversations or ‘banter’
Change the subject
Find an opportunity to talk about it with the person away from other people
Walk away, don’t engage with the inappropriate comments or conversation
Ask curious questions like ‘what do you mean by that?’ or ‘what makes you think that?’

In 2022, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan launched a campaign - Have A Word - calling on men to reflect on our own attitudes and to call out our mates when they behave inappropriately towards women...