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Man Sexually Attracted To Balloons Has 50,000 In His House

Man Sexually Attracted To Balloons Has 50,000 In His House

'Intellectually I know that balloons are not alive but sometimes I wonder if it is my love for them that brings them alive'

A man who is sexually attracted to balloons has 50,000 of them in his house. Watch him open up about his love for balloons here:

Julius has had an obsession with balloons since he was just four, when his mum brought him one in hospital.

For more than five decades since, he has been addicted to them - so much so that he's actually got a 'balloon sanctuary' in his house, packed with thousands of balloons, where he sleeps every night.

Speaking about his peculiar fixation on an episode of TLC's Strange Addiction - which first aired almost nine years ago - Julius explained: "They're beautiful. They're soft, smooth, delicate. I have a connection with them.

"Intellectually, I know that balloons are not alive. But sometimes I wonder if it's my love for them that brings them to life."

His love for balloons is not just platonic, though - far from it.


He said: "My love for balloons, it's also a sexual love.

"When I see a beautiful balloon, my heart starts to flutter and I get aroused.

"I'll take a 12 inch and I'll inflate it to 11 inch. That way it can take a lot of abuse.

"I'm holding one, you know hugging it, I'll kiss it, and it's like being in heaven. I mean, don't you like hugging and kissing a woman that you love?"

Sorry Julius, abuse?? Also, he actually has a woman to hug and kiss.

Julius said: "My wife thinks it's strange, but she accepts it."

His love for balloons is so strong that he often spends days 'rescuing' balloons that he believes to be in danger.


He said: "I go to car dealerships and do what I call a balloon rescue.

"When they set them out early in the morning they're really beautiful. And as the sun bakes on them, they get really dull, misshapen.

"I feel like I give him a second chance at life."

Despite concern among his family, Julius said he has no plans to end his love affair with balloons.

He said: "I've seen a psychologist before and the only thing he said to me was, 'Well, you're not hurting anybody, so why worry about it?'

"I see nothing wrong with loving balloons and I'm gonna continue glove balloons because that's what makes me happy."

Featured Image Credit: TLC

Topics: Weird, Sex and Relationships