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Residents Stunned After Waking To Find Jumbo Jet In Field

Residents Stunned After Waking To Find Jumbo Jet In Field

The Boeing 747 appeared in a muddy field in Chai Nat, Thailand, leaving locals stunned as to how it got there

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Remember when you were younger and the biggest Christmas tree would turn up in your local shopping centre? You'd stare at it, wide-mouthed, thinking, 'How on earth did that get there?'

Well, Thai villagers were able to experience a similar feeling when they opened their curtains to see no less than an actual jumbo jet in a nearby field.

The Boeing 747 appeared in a muddy field in Chai Nat, northern Thailand. Yes, apparently it 'just appeared'.

Now, call us cynical but that's not the kind of thing you can just plonk in a field with ease, is it?

At first sight, the Queen of the Skies appeared to have landed on the remote patch of grass earlier this month at some point through the night.

Which seems unlikely to have happened without at least one or two people waking up, given its size and the noise it'd make. But can you come up with a better explanation? We'll wait.

Viral Press

Villagers flocked to take pictures of the jumbo jet, with a distinctive purple and gold Thai Airways livery. The plane had been stripped of its GEnx engines.

Apart from the cargo hold, all of the doors to the aircraft were shut - making it impossible to climb inside and investigate further.

Villager Prae Anan, 40, said: ''At first I thought it might have run out of fuel and stopped in the field. I've never even been on an aeroplane so it was big surprise. I could not believe it.''

Residents flocked to the site when the plane first appeared and were completely baffled as to how it just simply turned up. We can't really blame them either.

Viral Press

That's when land owner, Somchai Phukieow, revealed that he had bought the decommissioned aircraft at a local auction. Which leaves us with a couple of burning questions - firstly, so why leave it in a field then?

And secondly, how much does a Boeing 747 set you back these days?

Somchai said he had the plane delivered by lorry (must have been some bloody big lorry) before it was lifted by a crane and lowered onto concrete blocks to prevent it from sinking into the wet ground.

And no one knew about it? HOW?!?

Viral Press

Somchai said: "I bought the plane at an auction. The engine and all the computer parts were taken out already.

"I would like to make a small attraction here, with a motor-cross track and a football pitch, so people can look inside the plane and watch the sports from inside, too."

This sounds pretty sick, actually.

The proud owner allowed visitors to photograph the plane from a distance but has prevented anybody from climbing inside just yet. Oh, come on, giz a go.

Featured Image Credit: Viral Press

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