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50 Cent responds to Chelsea Handler talking about his penis size

50 Cent responds to Chelsea Handler talking about his penis size

50 Cent and Chelsea Handler used to date a while back, but they're still on good terms

50 Cent has responded to a joke told by his ex-girlfriend Chelsea Handler after she quipped about his penis size.

Don’t worry, it’s all a bit of fun, nobody is actually annoyed about it.

However, there is some pretty risqué material involved, so unless you’re comfortably with a discussion about anal sex – admittedly briefly – this one perhaps isn’t for you.

50 Cent – or 40p, as he’s known over here in the UK – used to date comedian Handler a while back.

Whilst their short relationship came to an end, the pair seem to be on pretty amicable terms, and clearly they still feel comfortable enough having a little laugh at each other's expense.

Handler was making a joke about anal sex during one of her stand-up shows, and mentioned Fiddy’s d*** in passing.

50 Cent shared Chelsea Handler's joke on his own Instagram.
Instagram/50 Cent

She said: "It's a big pill to swallow in the beginning, but when you warm up to the idea, and you pick the right candidate, right?"

Obviously, you can infer what she’s talking about there, given the context we’ve already provided.

Handler then added: "Small or medium, you know, you're not going to, like, do that with 50 Cent."

That pretty much tells you all you’ll need to know about 50’s tackle.

The Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ rapper then shared the clip on his own social media, writing: “Yo she is so crazy.”

Posting a host of laughing emojis, he then added that he thinks Handler is ‘hand[s] down the funniest.”

At least they’re still good, right?

The rapper clearly thought it was amusing.
Instagram/50 Cent

The pair dated for a short while around a decade ago, and Handler has described 50 in the past as her ‘favourite ex’.

She said: "Yeah, I guess he’s my favorite ex. I mean, I don’t have a favorite ex. I love 50 Cent, he was fun,

"He was just a sweetheart and he was fun to be around.

“My friends loved hanging out with him. I loved hanging out with him.

“It was a pretty short-lived romance, it was only two months."

However, the pair did have a brief falling out back in 2020 when Handler thought that the musician was endorsing Donald Trump to keep the presidency.

Handler dated the rapper a while back.
Instagram/50 Cent

She even offered to pay his taxes if he changed his mind and supported Joe Biden, as well as denouncing him as her favourite ex-boyfriend.

But, she later said that once she spoke privately with 50 it turned out that he was joking, and that he wasn’t supporting or endorsing Trump at all.

So, he’s clearly still in her good books.

He must be if she’s willing to make that public joke about his junk.

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