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Man causes uproar after making major admission about his sister’s OnlyFans content

Man causes uproar after making major admission about his sister’s OnlyFans content

The social media influencer shocked his audience

A streamer has caused a huge online uproar after making a quite disturbing admission about his sister's adult content.

Adin Ross is one of the most well-known streamers in the world, with over one million subscribers on streaming platform Kick and almost eight million followers on Instagram.

Adin Ross made a very disturbing admission about his sister.

Known for his stream guests such as 21 Savage and Offset among other stars, Ross is also no stranger to controversy.

He had recently revealed Drake's reaction to his leaked X-rated video after it did the rounds online a couple of weeks ago, live on his stream.

The streamer was permanently banned from streaming platform Twitch for displaying 'unmoderated hateful conduct' on stream.

The 23-year-old also came under fire for opening up adult site Pornhub during a Super Bowl stream in 2022.

More recently, he claimed to have paid thousands of dollars for Playboi Carti to come on his stream, only for the artist to say a couple of words.

But now, he has gone a step further and made a shocking confession about his sister's OnlyFans.

The streamer admitted that he'd watched his sister's content for more than 30 seconds.
YouTube/Silky Live

In a recent stream with fellow Kick streamer Silky, Ross was made to take a lie detector test and answer a series of personal questions.

Silky asked: "Have you ever watched more than 30 seconds of your sister's OnlyFans?"

Without hesitation, Ross replied: "Yes."

Host Silky burst out into laughter, shouting: "Oh my God Adin, what the f**k! That's nasty!"

Ross looked done with the game when the man with the machine said it was the truth, asking: "How many more questions do I got?"

Ross' sister Naomi started making a name for herself after appearing on some of his streams, even pulling a prank on viewers that she was sleeping with one of his friends, YouTuber Zias.

She has since built a following of over 159,000 on Instagram and 20,000 subscribers on OnlyFans.

Naomi Ross is a qualified Yogi as well as an OnlyFans creator.

Users on X, formerly Twitter, shared their disgust at the admission.

One user commented below the clip: "Embarrassing if true, and even more so if it’s not and he’s willing to say this for attention."

Another said: "Watching your sisters OF is disgusting."

A third put: "MORE THEN 30 SECONDS."

This isn't the first controversy the streamer has been involved in that has been about her sister, after being trolled with a nude video of her in August 2023.

The clip he was watching changed from a first-person shooter to the NSFW clip of his sister, but fans claimed he appeared to stare at it for a few seconds before closing it, leaving many in a similar state of disbelief.

LADbible has contacted Adin Ross for further comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/naomzies

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