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The Apprentice team’s idea torn to shreds by group of kids

The Apprentice team’s idea torn to shreds by group of kids

This week The Apprentice candidates had to design a lunchbox for children and the kids didn't like them

Last night's episode of The Apprentice served up an absolutely classic helping of confident candidates having their ideas and products absolutely shredded as soon as someone outside their team took a look.

The episode, which for some reason started with the teams being summoned to St Paul's Cathedral, had the candidates attempting to design their own new lunchbox with a healthy eating app to go alongside it.

Aiming to sell their lunchboxes to the 6-8-year-old market, both teams ended up with something much more suitable for a younger audience.

One bunch plumped for a brand they called Platinum Pirate Adventures, a treasure chest-shaped lunchbox with a quiz app featuring a pirate rather terribly voiced by one of the candidates.

The other team created Munch-A-Lunch, a leaf-shaped lunchbox that had a rapping caterpillar as a mascot.

While the candidates got enthused about their ideas as only Apprentice candidates can, the ideas fell apart at the first sign of questioning.

'My favourite part is when it was over' - This legend of a kid.

The harshest critics were the intended target audience, as the candidates showed their products to some kids and were promptly torn to absolute shreds.

The kids thought the brown treasure chest lunchbox was 'really boring' and only one child out of a group of nine said they'd ask their parents to buy it.

While there was some laughter when the rapping caterpillar was on screen the kids were definitely laughing at it, not with it.

One kid delivered the most savage blow possible, saying the rapping was 'really cringe' before delivering the devastating line of 'my favourite part is when it was over'.

Another child said 'the game was worse than the rapping', and if you haven't seen the episode let me tell you that the rapping was really bad.

All the kids agreed that the lunchboxes were for children younger than them, with one summing it up as 'too babyish'.

The face you make when you've just been torn to shreds by a bunch of kids and are definitely getting fired.

Despite the absolute disaster that both of the lunchboxes turned out as, Munch-A-Lunch ended up winning the task as a couple of retailers placed small orders.

Nobody wanted anything to do with Platinum Pirate Adventures, and project manager Sohail Chowdhary ended up getting the finger point of doom from Lord Sugar and was fired.

He later said his best lesson from the show was 'enjoy the journey', as he admitted 'experts hated' his pirate character.

Lord Sugar's aide Claude Littner quipped on Twitter that 'these kids appear brighter than the Apprentice candidates'.

It was an opinion shared by plenty, as lots piled in to say the kids 'know what's up' and had 'just murdered' the candidates.

Someone else enjoyed watching the teams get taken down a peg or two by 'the most brutal children ever'.

The Apprentice continues on BBC One at 9pm on Thursdays.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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