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There’s A Bizarre Conspiracy Eminem Died In 2006 And Was Replaced By A Clone

There’s A Bizarre Conspiracy Eminem Died In 2006 And Was Replaced By A Clone

Remarkably, people actually believe the theory

In yet another whacky internet conspiracy theory, it has been claimed that Eminem died back in 2006 and was, quite simply, replaced by an android clone.

Of course, we all know the likelihood of this being true is highly unlikely... but apparently, the 'Slim Shady' rapper is no more and has been switched with a clone.

The drama all started when fans noticed a change in his voice over the years.

Of course, we all know that singers and rappers experience a change in voice over the years due to a number of factors, including ageing and strain, but sure, being replaced by a clone is definitely one of those factors.

And then, Spanish website La Guía Del Varón decided to pour even more fuel on the fire by addressing Eminem as an 'android clone' and claiming he died in a car accident back in 2006.

Eminem in 2003, before the supposed car accident that 'killed him'.
REUTERS/Alamy Stock Photo

"In 2006, Eminem died in a car accident," the newspaper reported in their portals.

Fans also decided to start picking apart his change in appearance over the years, with many pointing out a huge change in his jaw shape and overall facial structure.

"Yeah I believe he is a clone it doesn't even look like him anymore and his eyes are dead," one fan even wrote.

And then came the lyrics.

The theory points out that since 2006 (when he supposedly died in a car accident), the rapper has made 'significant changes' to the lyrics he's popping out and that his style of dress has also changed – adding that he now puts 'a great emphasis on the hip hop lifestyle' and has changed to a 'much darker' style.

Some believe Eminem is now an 'android clone'.
WENN Rights Ltd/Alamy Stock Photo

But things took a turn in 2013 when footage of Eminem 'glitching' on a live ESPN report began circulating, which was hyped even more in 2016 when rapper B.o.B posted a series of cryptic tweets claiming human cloning had been around for years.

Still with us?

And in 2019, the release of Tom Macdonald's 'Cloned Rappers' music video sent believers of the theory into a frenzy, with Macdonald claiming in his song that 'Illuminati took bone samples to clone rappers' and then put the real beings in prison to 'silence their vision'.

"If they can't control you they erase the old you," he continues, before listing some of the names that have been cloned including the likes of Gucci, Kodak and, of course, Eminem.

As ridiculous as the conspiracy theory sounds, some are buying every single penny of it, with one saying: "I believe that Eminem's is a clone he doesn't look the same after the so-called accident where he just disappeared for about a year he came back looking different."

Another said: "Em died in a car accident 2006... he's been 6th dated like the movie. He stop rapping like Em a long time ago."

However, many have their feet firmly on Planet Earth and believe the theory is a load of bulls**t.

"The idea that he's a clone is one of the dumbest conspiracy theories ever. That songs from Tom was one of the worst songs he's put out. As people age, they grow and change as a person," one said.

Featured Image Credit: ZUMA Press, Inc./Everett Collection Inc/Alamy Stock Photo

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