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BGT forced to issue warning ahead of act so shocking it caused Amanda Holden to swear

BGT forced to issue warning ahead of act so shocking it caused Amanda Holden to swear

BGT's twitter account has issued a warning ahead of tonight's show, urging viewers not to try this at home.

Britain's Got Talent have been left with no choice but to issue a warning ahead of tonight's episode over a stunt so shocking, it caused judge Amanda Holden to swear out loud.

The nation's favourite talent show is currently in full swing, seeing acts from all across the country showcase their impressive - and sometimes just plain weird - skills to the world.

While the hit ITV show is no stranger to some pretty wild and terrifying stunts, such as the man who set himself on fire while solving a Rubix cube, it looks like tonight's show (20 May) may be one of the most dangerous yet.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, the official account for BGT issued a 'Do not try this at home' warning to viewers while teasing what's to come during tonight's show.

Circus performer Antony Torralvo will shock audiences during this evening's episode of Britain's Got Talent.

The show announced daredevil and circus performer Antony Torralvo would be taking to the stage with an eye-wateringly risky stunt, writing: "@AntoT91 is taking danger to unbelievable new heights in this DARING #BGT Audition!"

And if you're afraid of heights, this one's gonna be an intense watch... Do not try this at home!"

In a teaser clip, we see exactly what BGT means by 'do not try this at home'.

The stuntman is seen standing on stacks of white chairs resting on nothing but four glass bottles, with him gradually increasing the amount of chairs he’s standing on, leaving fears that the glass bottles will soon smash under the pressure.

Of course, Torralvo is a professional and makes the stunt look like the easiest thing in the world, with him suspending himself incredibly high in the air on top of the chairs without so much as a drop of sweat falling from his head.

As the daredevil performs a beautifully executed handstand on top of the balanced chairs, the judges are heard gasping out loud in shock, with Holden even saying: "Oh s**t."

Oh s**t indeed, Amanda!

And stating the obvious, hosts Ant and Dec say: "Obviously don't try this at home."

Judge Amanda Holden expressed her shock over the terrifying performance.

This comes after the BGT judges feared they were 'about to get fired' after newbie judge, Bruno Tonioli, broke a huge rule last week.

Tonioli was so impressed by a performance by singer Gamal John, that he couldn't resist pressing the Golden Buzzer - which would usually be fine... except for the fact that he's already pressed it this season.

For those not in the know, each series a judge gets just one opportunity to press their Golden Buzzer.

Tonioli had already pressed the life-changing button earlier this season when he watched a dance group called Ghetto Kids perform.

So, when he pressed it for a second time, even BGT veteran Simon Cowell wasn't sure how to react, saying: "Erm we are about to get fired."

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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