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Gordon Ramsay Has Inspiring Message For Teenager Who Dreams Of Being A Chef

Gordon Ramsay Has Inspiring Message For Teenager Who Dreams Of Being A Chef

Gordan Ramsay has a reputation for being a hot-headed, foul-mouthed, bad tempered, kind-of-a-dick in the kitchen. He's built his empire off being an incredible chef, concocting brilliant dishes, launching successful restaurants and swearing his absolute nut off at people.

In his spare time, he even took up the hobby of slagging off random people's food. Twitter users the world over would send him pictures of their creations, hoping for a compliment or a tip, and would usually get a Ramsay-esque reply.


But when a 17-year-old bloke messaged him about his dreams of getting into the food industry, he got an overwhelmingly nice response.

He wrote to Gordon Ramsay, saying: "I'm 17 and I really like cooking, though I don't really know how to cook. I was thinking of pursuing my dream of being a cook but kind of scared of what my dad will think."

Some people know that feeling all too well of wanting to make a foray into something but are worried what their family or friends will think of them.

At least you can count on Ramsay for some encouraging words.


"Always follow your dreams! Don't worry I'll tell your dad!" said the Scottish-born chef.

The aspiring cook replied: "Thank you Chef Gordon you're a great role model. And thanks to everyone else who responded, this made me want to pursue my dream even more."

The 51-year-old even offered to call the guy's dad to tell him a few things about the wonderful world of being a chef.

The back-and-forth tweets received thousands of likes, with dozens of random people giving him similar messages of support. Bet he wasn't never expecting that type of response when he took to his keyboard.

But that wasn't Ramsay's only piece of worldly advice he bestowed to a fan that day. Another Twitter user asked him: "I'm stressed, having breakdowns, what do you do when life gets crazy?"

In amongst the dozens of responses, the chef replied with: "Pause...Process...and value what's important to you! Then speak your mind and make sure they listen."

To be fair, that's pretty decent advice that anyone could use in any situation.

It's a nice divergence from the usual Gordon Ramsay that we often seen on Hell's Kitchen, The F Word, MasterChef and Hotel Hell; the one who yells and screams and tells people to 'fuck off'. Who knows, maybe that single tweet inspires more people to get into the culinary industry.

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