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David Attenborough Says He's Not Afraid Of Death

David Attenborough Says He's Not Afraid Of Death

As the world's shared grandfather figure, it often feels as though David Attenborough has all the answers. But while he can't solve one of life's greatest mysteries for us - what happens after we die - he has said that he's not afraid of death.


The natural historian broadcaster sat down with ABC News to discuss everything from life and death through to climate change and religion.

Asked if he was scared of dying, Attenborough said: "No, I just hope it won't be painful - and I hope it won't be tiresome for others."

During the in-depth chat, Attenborough also discussed religion - and explained why he doesn't credit God for the natural wonders of the world.

Attenborough said: "I'm what they call an agnostic.

"I'm quite sure that the mechanism by which this world has become populated with all these different species of animals and plants, we understand pretty well now."

Sir David Attenborough making a surprise appearance at this year's Glastonbury. Credit: PA
Sir David Attenborough making a surprise appearance at this year's Glastonbury. Credit: PA

He continued: "There may be bits we don't know yet, I think that's almost certain, but by and large you know how it works.

"Now whether you say that means God doesn't exist is another question.

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"I don't believe that the first man actually complained to God that he hadn't got a partner, and God said 'Oh right, well in that case, lie down and I'll take your rib and I'll blow into it and you've got a partner. I don't believe that.

"It may well be that there's an overall creator-spirit that we don't know about, I've no idea. And whether there's life after death, I've no idea."

Attenborough has often spoken out about the dangers of not taking climate change seriously, having most recently presented an 'urgent' one-off film called Climate Change - The Facts earlier this year, illustrating the disastrous impact global warming has already had on our planet.

He also slammed 'powerful' figures in Australia who don't believe in climate change, saying the people in charge of making decisions about the environment 'cannot be radical enough in dealing with these issues'.

But Attenborough noted this is something he's been 'going on about' for many years, referring back to his 2000 documentary State of the Planet - which was released at a time when he said nobody wanted to listen.

The documentary filmmaker told ABC: "10 years ago, 15 years ago, people would find it hard to believe. I mean, now I think hardly anybody can be in any doubt that the world is heating up."

However, Attenborough said it's important to welcome free speech, and not to shut out the sceptics.

He added: "The world is sick, and we really have to do things about it."

Watch the full ABC interview with Attenborough here.

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