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Fans Disappointed After Kate Middleton Wears Green Gown At BAFTAs

Fans Disappointed After Kate Middleton Wears Green Gown At BAFTAs

People rushed to social media to vent their outrage at the Duchess of Cambridge breaking with the #TimesUp movement

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Black has been all the rage on the red carpet for the film and television industry's biggest nights these past few months. But it's not because the colour is slimming or dramatic, but because it represents the #TimesUp movement, designed to be a show of solidarity with people all over the world who have been victims of sexual harassment.

That's why there was so much speculation about what the Duchess of Cambridge was going to wear to the BAFTAs.

Kate Middleton's decision to wear a green Jenny Packham gown caused quite a reaction on social media when she arrived at Royal Albert Hall with husband and BAFTA president Prince William.

People seemed to be absolutely fuming over the move to wear green instead of black. Some called her boring, out of touch, disrespectful to people who have suffered and even criticised her for looking knackered - um, she's doing pretty well considering she's currently pregnant.

But there was a reason why she opted to avoid the dark colour.

Most people would be aware that the Royals don't get involved in anything political, as they are meant to be above politics.

Unfortunately for Kate, she seemed to be literally the only one to break with the movement, with film stars like Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lawrence, Selma Hayek, Octavia Spencer and Angelina Jolie all bathed in black.

While she copped a battering on social media, there were a few who stuck up for her

That sentiment was supported by I, Tonya's Allison Janney, who picked up the gong for Best Supporting Actress, and was asked about Kate Middleton's dress (because that's what every film star wants to be asked after picking up a coveted award for a brilliant film).

"I would never judge anyone's choice of clothing. She looked absolutely beautiful and I'm so happy for them that she's pregnant again. She's an extraordinary woman. And she can wear whatever she wants," Allison said.

The Duke of Cambridge referenced the #TimesUp movement in his speech when he said 2017 was 'a year when many brave people spoke up about bullying, harassment and abuse'. Strangely, another thing that set social media alight during his speech was a tiny treasury tag that was attached to his piece of paper.

Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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