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Jonathan Ross' First Sexual Experiences Were With Vacuum Cleaner And Orange

Jonathan Ross' First Sexual Experiences Were With Vacuum Cleaner And Orange

He opened up about experimenting when he was a teen

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Jonathan Ross has revealed far too much about his early sexual encounters - involving a vacuum cleaner and an orange.

The 60-year-old TV personality said he used a piece of fruit and a vacuum cleaner as a teen in preparation for the real deal after scouring his mum's magazine for tips.


Speaking on Rhod Gilbert's Growing Pains, Ross said: "I didn't know anything about sex. I became very interested in women's magazines and would read my mum's to try and pick out clues as to what women were.

"One section said, 'How to get your man better at oral sex'. It said, 'Peel the orange and the hole in the middle, insert your tongue', so I felt, 'This is something I need to learn'.

"I'd read that female-to-male oral sex could be replicated with a Hoover, which was a very uncomfortable experience and not pleasant for anyone."

Sounds... painful.

Elsewhere on the show, Ross admitted he didn't have his first proper kiss until he was 17.

Thankfully for the Masked Singer judge, things improved in the love-life department and he's been happily to screenwriter wife Jane Goodman since 1988.


The pair have three grown-up children together and Ross is still completely smitten with his other half, saying in an interview: "Jane's my ideal, whatever way she is.

"We've grown up together and I become more passionate about her as the years go by.

"For me, it's only ever been Jane and it only ever will be."

N'aww, isn't that sweet?

I wonder what she'll make of his recent orange revelations?

Family man Ross has also said that despite the kids not living with him and his wife anymore, they're still seeing a lot of each over the internet due to the coronavirus.

He explained: "We're probably, in a way, as a family, spending more time together than not actually being physically together than ever before.

"I know my wife misses the physical contact - she really wants to hug them, she misses that side of it all, but I think overall we just count our blessings.

"None of them are sick, they're all kind of OK and they're all with someone."

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