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​Will Smith Spotted Working In Boots At Westfield London

​Will Smith Spotted Working In Boots At Westfield London

Actor Will Smith has played many roles in his life - from pro boxer Muhammad Ali and Fresh Prince on the big and small screens through to rapper, father and, let's face it, all-round badass.


But yesterday he threw us all a bit of a curveball when he was spotted hanging out in Boots, where he became customer assistant for the day... with an official badge and everything.

Yeah, we're not kidding. Look:


He was even seen loitering around in the opticians':

However, Will wasn't just there because his acting gigs were running a little dry - it was actually to launch JUST Water, a new venture that he's started with son Jaden as a bid to do something for the environment.

The ethical bottled spring water - which has partnered with Boots for its UK roll-out - comes in paper-based bottles with plant-based caps, making the packaging 100 percent recyclable.

According to the website, the water is 100 percent spring water, and only uses 'excess water' that the community it hails from doesn't need.

Will said of the new brand: "While Jaden was surfing as a young kid, some plastic water bottles floated by him and he soon realised that they were dirtying our oceans and killing the environment.

"He was immediately motivated to do something to save our planet; our future - and with that wish, JUST Water was born."

Jaden said: 'By partnering with a retailer like Boots, it's exciting that so many people across the UK can feel like they are giving back to the environment by drinking JUST.

"Boots shares the same values as JUST through its social responsibility and dedication to sustainability and I'm excited to work with them for the UK launch."

Boots has since tweeted the star saying: "Will, if you want to join us full time go to!"

Bit savage that he'd still have to apply after his day of grafting on the shop floor, no? Seems even Hollywood stars sometimes don't get a free pass.

Featured Image Credit: Boots/Twitter

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