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Belle Delphine says she made £5 million from her first OnlyFans scene

Belle Delphine says she made £5 million from her first OnlyFans scene

Delphine managed to buy her 'dream house' just because of doing the video

Social media might now be full of people dancing round to songs from the 00s or the likes of KSI and MrBeast coming out with some mad competition, but just a few years ago it was full of one woman in particular.

Belle Delphine, of course. The internet star known for various controversies, being labelled as ‘Queen of the Simps’, being an e-girl and even eating photos of her followers.

The now 24-year-old was even selling her bathwater at one point and making thousands from it – now that would make a bizarre Saltburn crossover.

Discussing her career so far on Louis Theroux’s podcast, she spoke about the millions she was offered for OnlyFans work.

Delphine admitted that she consistently changed how far she was willing to go from initially saying she’d ‘only do lingerie’ to going to ‘full intercourse’ even though she ‘never thought [she’d] go this far’.

But when she did release her first ‘full contact full intercourse’ scene to OnlyFans it was when she was at her ‘peak’ back in 2020.

“I knew that I had the most eyes on me on the internet. And I was right,” she explained. “That was the time I had the most eyes on me. That’s why I did all those podcasts, because I knew was at the biggest I was ever going to be. I needed all eyes on me then to really push this video that I was going to sell.”

Delphine has made millions from her work.
X / @louistheroux

And it really did sell.

The ‘Queen of the Simps’ explained she knew if she did the video she’d be able to buy her ‘dream house’ which she now has from going, well, all the way.

Apparently, that one scene on OnlyFans made Delphine ‘around five million’ – and she assured Theroux she’s being ‘for real’.

But while she’s absolutely raked in the cash from it, she does think it’s a ‘quite sh*t’ video.

She is known for her cosplay.

“It was quite awkward. It’s one thing, posting your first porn video. And there's another thing posting your first porn video knowing millions of people are going to see it,” she said.

“And the pressure of that was too much for me. And that ended up making a worse video. So if I had none of that pressure, it would have been better.”

The social media star turned OnlyFans creator doesn’t regret it though and the video remains on her account.

You can listen to the full interview on The Louis Theroux Podcast.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@belle.delphine/X/@louistheroux

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