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Jeremy Clarkson makes shocking discovery after buying pub on dogging site

Jeremy Clarkson makes shocking discovery after buying pub on dogging site

Jeremy Clarkson said 'everyone advised against' him buying the Cotswolds pub

Jeremy Clarkson has made a shocking discovery after buying a Cotswolds pub.

Yep, the former Top Gear host is now adding pub landlord to his title as farmer, explaining that 'everyone advised against' his new career move.

It’s reported the 64-year-old paid ‘less than £1 million’ for The Windmill in Oxfordshire, about ten miles away from his beloved Diddly Squat Farm.

However, the countryside pub has a rather unique history, as Clarkson revealed a dirty secret about the land it's built on.

The Clarkson’s Farm star took to Instagram last night (9 July) to share the shock revelation to his followers.

Standing outside, the columnist says: “Tell me you bought a pub on a dogging site without telling me you bought a pub on a dogging site.”

Clarkson then uses a twig, to hold up a pair of lace knickers to the camera, looking a little stunned by the underwear.

The video has quickly racked up millions of views as his fans saw the funny side of the find as one wrote: “Rename the pub The Dog Inn.”

“Is this a PUBlicity stunt,” another put as many made reference to his old Top Gear co-stars.

He found them around the pub's land. (jeremyclarkson1/Instagram)
He found them around the pub's land. (jeremyclarkson1/Instagram)

“Did that fall out James’ [May] luggage?” one asked, as another joked: “I see Richard [Hammond] left his knickers bless him. Tough day.”

Others even wrote: “Did Hammond have an accident and the paramedics cut his pants off again on the way to hospital?”

Renovations at the Oxfordshire pub are set to start soon as Clarkson hopes it’ll be open by Christmas. He teased the spot previously as he said on Instagram: "New pub coming along. Only the water, gas, lavatories, staff and electrics to sort and we'll be ready to go."

As the star is said to have bought the freehold and the place reportedly isn’t tied to a brewery, he’ll be able to sell his own beer and Diddly Squat Farm produce there.

In his teaser video, he showed off the beer taps all with Hawkstone badges – the premium lager and cider brand he launched with the Cotswold Brew Co back in 2021.

One fan said: “Priorities… you’ve got the important stuff in,” as many said they ‘can’t wait’ to visit.

Clarkson previously wrote in his column that friends had warned him that ‘owning a pub these days is even more daft than owning a farm’.

However, he said: “But there’s something inside a man that causes him to think, when he has the means, it’d be nice to buy the village boozer."

Even if it is on ‘a dogging site’ it seems.

Featured Image Credit: jeremyclarkson1/Instagram

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