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Yung Filly reveals he retired his mum from retail work after making 'right choice'

Yung Filly reveals he retired his mum from retail work after making 'right choice'

Filly's mum was getting recognised in Poundland

We all have our own milestones we want to achieve. Maybe you want to earn enough money to buy yourself a new car.

Or perhaps you want to earn enough money to simply quit work all together and travel the world. But some people measure their success by what they can do for others.

And Yung Filly did exactly that, as he retired his mum from retail work.

The YouTuber appeared on last night’s (30 March) episode of The Jonathan Ross Show and spoke about when his mum recognised that he’d made the ‘right choice’ by pursuing his chosen career.

“She used to work in Poundland,” the rapper said. “And it got to the point where when she was working in Poundland, people were seeing the resemblance between me and her.”

Filly and his mum.
Kate Green/Getty Images

Filly explained that she would get ‘really embarrassed’ as people started asking for pictures and realising who she was.

The ‘Grey’ rapper recalled giving her a ring and telling her to quit her job because he’s ‘got her now’.

“She didn’t know to take it. So the months went on, she’s still working and I call her again like ‘mum, I’m serious now, you ain’t got to work again’,” he said.

But his mum didn’t quite retire and totally leave the working world as he explained he then made her his ‘PA’.

As Ross was comically stunned and the audience burst into laughter, Filly said: “But it’s not like work work is it? She’s not like getting coffees and my laundry.”

Filly used his success to help his family.
Joseph Okpako/WireImage/Getty Images

The host then asked to clarify just what his mum does as the star explained: “Just checks and email and says: ‘Yo, be here at this time’. But she loves it.”

Filly added that she’s ‘buzzing, she’s absolutely buzzing’.

Last year, he spoke to Indy100 about how proud he is of his success and how happy he is to have been able to help his mum.

“My biggest achievement is helping my mum retire. It’s my mum’s world and I’m just living in it. I paid off my mum’s debt, my mum had loads of debt and I paid it off in one go. That was a sick feeling,” Filly said.

“I also took all of my family on holiday, that was sick, but everything is family-orientated… all these materialistic things ain’t s**t.

“I'm just proud of myself. And I don't tell myself enough, I've smashed it.”

He definitely has, what a lad.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Kate Green/Getty Images

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