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People think Charlie Hunnam's accent in Green Street is the worst cockney accent they've heard

People think Charlie Hunnam's accent in Green Street is the worst cockney accent they've heard

Charlie Hunnam's cockney accent in Green Street has been slated as one of the worst in film history by some viewers.

The classic football film Green Street hit our screens for the first time 17 years ago, but that hasn't stopped the footy mad community talking about it to this day.

For those that haven't watched it, 2005's Green Street is a crime drama film focused on football hooliganism.

It tells the story of American journalism student Matt Buckner (played by Elijah Wood) as he moves to London to join his sister and their family after being kicked out of university.

Just hours after he arrives in the UK, Matt meets football hooligan Pete Dunham (played by Charlie Hunnam) who is the leader of the West Ham United firm the GSE.

Matt becomes close to Pete and joins the GSE - who have weekly fights with other firms such as Millwall's and Spurs'.

It is actor Hunnam's role in the football film that has been talked about a lot on social media.

Charlie Hunnam played cockney Pete Dunham in Green Street (2005).
PictureLux / The Hollywood Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

Obviously being the leader of a London football club's firm, Pete is a born Londoner and proud cockney.

But many viewers have gone online to discuss Hunnam's London accent in the film, and it is fair to say many do not think it is very good.

One person said: "I like Charlie Hunnam just fine. He is a very good actor but he is also responsible for the worst two accents I've ever heard, both in a movie and TV show: his 'cockney' one in Green Street Hooligans and his Australian one in Shantaram. Wooof! Are they bad."

A second added: "If you ever have the displeasure to watch Green Street Charlie Hunnam’s generic cockney London thug accent is potentially the worst one ever heard, Don Cheadle and DVD included!"

A third, meanwhile, took to Twitter to post a scene from Green Street featuring Pete and Matt, with them adding: "The boys... some of the worst cockney accents since Charlie Hunnam in Green Street."

Meanwhile, another Twitter user replied to a tweet asking what the five worst accents in film are.

He said: "Without a doubt, Charlie Hunnam in Green Street is the worst."

A lot of people think Hunnam's cockney accent isn't very good.
Collection Christophel / Alamy Stock Photo

For those unaware of where Hunnam is from, he is actually born in the North-East of England in Newcastle.

While Hunnam has never discussed his accent in Green Street, he has discussed taking on an Australian accent in the TV series Shantaram.

He told 7 News Australia: "I had a wonderful dialect coach and a lot of Australian friends who helped me, but honestly I think I probably got about 75 percent of the way there.

"I have a strange accent myself, it’s half English, half American, and everybody, my entire life, has thought I was Australian."

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