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Dragon’s Den investors fight over David Dickinson’s grandson as he makes impressive show pitch

Dragon’s Den investors fight over David Dickinson’s grandson as he makes impressive show pitch

The 18-year-old impressed the Dragons with his pitch before revealing his famous connection

David Dickinson might be the one used to getting the ‘real deal’, but it was his teenage grandson’s turn to step into the spotlight as he recently appeared on Dragon’s Den with a very impressive pitch.

In fact, the 18-year-old impressed the Dragons that much, he received offers from Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones and Sara Davies as they each fought for a stake in his business.

Having being brought up watching his grandfather haggle over antiques, Myles Dickinson-Brown shared his pitch for personalised credit card business and asked for £35,000 in return a potential 35 percent share of the brand.

But believe it or not, this isn’t the youngster’s first entrepreneurial venture.

Myles Dickinson-Brown impressed the Dragons with his business pitch.

Shortly after completing his A-Levels, Myles - perhaps taking a leaf out of his grandfather's book - began selling collectables on eBay, meaning he was able invest over £5,000 in his new business.

Upon hearing this, Strictly Come Dancing star Davies joked that he may have ‘entrepreneurialism in [his] bones’.

“Is that upbringing, is that genetic?” she asked.

It was then when Myles revealed his famous grandfather’s identity.

He explained to the Dragons that his father had a mortgage business and his grandad ‘is on TV’, before revealing who exactly his famous grandfather was.

David Dickinson has become a daytime TV favourite.
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Known for his loud tan and gold jewellery, Dickinson starred on Bargain Hunt before becoming a TV personality in his own right.

Despite recently turning 81, Dickinson hosts a range of antique related shows including Dickinson’s Real Deal, as well as his own game show David Dickinson’s Name Your Price.

The Dragons were shocked by the revelation, but it was Myles’ impressive pitch that won Peter Jones.

He even could be heard muttering: “Wow, he’s really good,”.

It was then when the businessman offered Myles the exact investment he’d pitched for.

Others quickly joined, with Steven Bartlett and Touker Suleyman also keen to invest.

Steven Bartlett won the investment.

However, savvy Myles soon turned the tables on the Dragons by asking what they could offer his business.

“Time is what you’re going to get for me,” replied Touker.

However, Jones still wasn’t ready to let go, stating: “Nobody has mentored, helped and assisted more young people in Britain than me.”

But in the end, it was Steven Bartlett who won Myles over and secured the offer.

Bartlett stated before offering his winning bid: “I’m going to go one step further, you can come and work in my office with me and my team.

“I am the guy for this business."

Featured Image Credit: ITV/BBC

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