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Denise Welch has Tom Cruise in stitches with dirty joke about Michael Caine at his 90th birthday party

Denise Welch has Tom Cruise in stitches with dirty joke about Michael Caine at his 90th birthday party

The Mission Impossible star found the dirty joke hilarious

In perhaps one of the most unexpected exchanges of the century, Denise Welch had Tom Cruise in stitches after she made a mucky joke about Sir Michael Caine during his 90th birthday party.

Now there’s a sentence I bet you’d never thought you’d read, eh?

The Loose Women star attended the legendary actor’s 90th birthday celebrations in London where she was asked to say a few words by Caine’s wife, Shakira Caine. You can see how it went down here:

The 64-year-old decided to make a bit of a dirty joke at the actor’s expense, much to the delight of the gathered guests, which included Cruise, who could be seen sitting beside Caine.

In the clip, which Welch shared on Instagram, she says: “And only the other morning she said she heard a scream from downstairs, and it was Michael shouting, 'Shakira, look there's a parcel the Olympic condoms have arrived.’

“He said, 'I’m going to wear the gold one tonight', and she said, 'why not wear the silver and come second for a f***ing change’?” Fair play, that’s a pretty decent joke.

And the risqué joke got a huge laugh from the guests, including Sir Michael - and Mission Impossible star Cruise, who appeared to be laughing so heartily he had to dry his eyes with a napkin.

I know, this whole story sounds fake, doesn’t it? But look - there he is, laughing his a**e off.

Tom thought the joke was hilarious.

Sharing the clip on Instagram, Welch wrote: “Such an honour to be asked by Shakira to say a few words at Sir Michael Caines’ 90th birthday!!!

"He loves a dirty joke and so does @tomcruise it appears!!!! Great night and amazing company @nctopsy @therivercafelondon”.

As you can imagine, fans of the TV personality thought the whole thing was absolutely brilliant, with one person commenting: “Casual camera pan to Micheal Caine and Tom Cruise.”

Another said: “Tom Cruise skipping the Oscars to watch Denise perform stand up was not on my 2023 bingo card.” Yeah, mine either, pal.

The Loose Women star even posed with a starstruck fan… oh wait, that’s Tom Cruise,

While a third commented: “Tom Cruise and Sir Michael Caine in the same room as you! This may be the best video I've ever seen.”

And someone else said: “I just have so many questions.”

You and me both, mate - firstly, can I hire Denise for my next birthday party?

A fourth person suggested: “Get Tom on Loose Women he would love it. Looks like a good night.” I absolutely second this.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@denise_welch

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