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Elle Brooke comes to blows with rival in explosive face-off after throwing glass of water in face

Elle Brooke comes to blows with rival in explosive face-off after throwing glass of water in face

The two boxing stars definitely kicked it up a notch

Elle Brooke has comes to blows with her rival in an incredibly explosive face-off.

The OnlyFans boxer threw an entire glass of water in the face of her opponent, Ola Danielka, during the chaotic clash, which took place yesterday (13 April).

After the glass of water was chucked at Danielka, all hell quite literally broke loose.

Brooke and Danielka sat down for a live promotional event yesterday to have a face-off before the long-anticipated lead-up to their eventual fight in the boxing ring.

The face off came just a little over one week after their contest in London.

The pair chatted for a moment when, all of a sudden, Danielka puts on a white hoodie with a X-rated photo of Brooke sprawled across the front.

As she's laughing, Danielka can be heard saying: "Its a surprise for you. I think that it's nice."

Brooke begins nervously laughing as she sighs: "Oh my gosh."

In a matter of an instant the laughing instantly dissipated as Brooke begins her tirade: "You're such a f***ing c***."

Brooke swilled Danielka twice.

Brooke then proceeded to stand up from her chair and swill Danielka.

Not having a little bit of it, Danielka then throws a whole glass back at Brooke and charges towards her.

Danielka then pushes Brooke into the wall and delivers her a pretty powerful kick to the leg.

Brooke can be heard telling her rival: "Get off me," before they were separated by a mediator, who sure took his time with stepping in.

Returning to the table, Brooke then grabs what's left in the remaining glass of water and throws it at Danielka once again.

Danielka begins swearing at Brooke, as she forcibly takes her arm, and glasses smash all around them.

She then threw the OnlyFans to the floor before they were eventually separated for a second time.

Another mediator then steps in to hold Danielka back ,as she makes one last go for Brooke, who was quite hilariously readjusting her knitted cardigan at the time.

Danielka dragged Brooke to the floor and delivered her a powerful blow.

The two then re-enter the table for a third time, and before Brooke has even resumed her seat, she kicks the table into Danielka with a wide grin plastered on her face.

Taking no time to react, Danielka then lifts up her metal chair and nearly launches it at Brooke, before one of the mediators steps in to shut it down.

"Can you tell her to take that off?" Brooke demands, "you can't be putting that on Instagram."

As if nothing happened, the pair then get back to face-off just minutes later.

Brooke is going for gold in the hopes of continuing her boxing winning streak, after successful taking on both AJ Bunker, and Faith Ordway.

The pair will enter the ring later this month (22 April) at the 'High Stakes' show at the OVO Arena Wembley.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@kingpynboxing

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