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Seth Rogen says Eminem completely made up his major scene in The Interview

Seth Rogen says Eminem completely made up his major scene in The Interview

Eminem was able to help write one of the film's funniest scenes.

Seth Rogen revealed that Eminem actually wrote the hilarious rap which features in one of the most memorable moments in The Interview.

If you remember anything from the iconic 2014 comedy, it's surely Eminem's cameo in the film's opening scene.

Which, if you ask me, just makes it ten times better.

For those who need a refresher Slim Shady appears on James Franco's character Dave Skylark's talk show Skylark Tonight.

Eminem has admitted he required multiple takes to get through the hilarious scene, which concludes with him unexpectedly coming out as gay.

During the scene, which is really just a chance to poke fun at Em's often wildly offensive lyrics, Dave Skylark (Franco) asks Eminem about one particular song he had written that had sparked controversy for being offensive to the elderly.

Eminem wrote part of this iconic scene.
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Skylark recites the rapper's (fake) lyrics back to him, reading:

"It's hell to be Shady.

"Yesterday I yelled a degrading insult at an elderly lady.

"Then I asked her how it felt to be 80.

"'F-word' a senior citizen, suck a weiner, sit and spin.

"And why you drive so slow for?

"Don't you want to get where you're going faster since you'll probably die tomorrow, you old wh**e?

“Die old b*tch, die! Before I murder you."

The ridiculous rap was written for the film.
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When Skylark asks Eminem to comment on the insulting lyrics, he casually replies "Well first of all, when I rap I feel like people twist my words."

What makes that ridiculous scene even better is that, according to Seth, Eminem really did write that rap.

During a live-tweet viewing of the film back in 2014, Seth revealed that Marshall Mathers had been more involved in the scene than fans might have thought.

"Eminem actually wrote that rap," Seth tweeted.


I'm not saying that Eminem would seriously write lyrics like this, but you can sort of spot his signature writing style in there.

Elsewhere in the live-tweeting sesh, Seth admitted that he couldn't believe how good an actor Em was.

"I kept thinking 'wow, Eminem's a good actor.' Then I would remember he starred in a whole movie," he wrote.

Of course, most will remember that later in that scene, Eminem *very* nonchalantly comes out as gay, prompting huge numbers for Skylark's show.

Explaining that his lyrics that people perceive as hateful are actually a reflection of his own fears, Em tells Skylark: "When I say things about gay people, if people think that my lyrics are homophobic, it’s because I’m gay."

Eminem comes out as gay on the Dave Skylark Show.
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When Skylark checks to make sure he has heard correctly, Eminem confirms 'I am a homosexual' and 'I like men.'

He adds that he's 'shocked' people hadn't figured it out sooner, since he has been 'leaving a breadcrumb trail of gayness.'

While the film's main stars are James Franco and Seth Rogen, that short scene with Eminem arguably stole the whole show and is regarded as one of the most iconic moments in the film.

Eminem has since admitted that it was super tough to try and keep a straight face during the scene, and Franco didn't make it any easier.

"Yo, I gotta tell you, man: James Franco was so f**king funny," Em said in an interview with Sway Calloway.

"I couldn't - it was very hard. There was a few takes where we had to stop, like, I couldn't stop laughing."

Featured Image Credit: Associated Press / Alamy Stock Photo/ Sony

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