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Fans have major complaint about Joker 2 after Lady Gaga announced as Harley Quinn

Fans have major complaint about Joker 2 after Lady Gaga announced as Harley Quinn

Lady Gaga announced she would be starring as Harley Quinn in Joker 2

Lady Gaga's recent announcement that she will be starring in the upcoming Joker: Folie à Deux has sparked a major complaint from fans.

The 'Poker Face' singer posted a teaser on social media yesterday, 4 August, and ever since then the rumour mill has gone into overdrive.

Many people are suggesting the Joker sequel could be a musical – and some fans are a bit furious with the idea.

As far as the typical DC story goes, Quinn is Joker's psychiatrist at the Arkham Asylum mental institution who falls in love with him and becomes his sidekick.

But is this relationship between Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix going to be a musical one?

Taking to social media, one fan wrote: "Remember when Joker came out and the mass hysteria surrounding it and how there was going to be shootings and explosions at theatres but now the sequel is a musical starring Lady Gaga."

A second added: "I’m okay with musicals but in Joker? It’s just might look “funny” like in the first movie he was dealing with insane mental issues and to the point of murdering dozens of people if he’s singing while doing it this time I’m not going to be shocked or scared imma laugh tbh."

A third said: "A musical? Man come on it’s the f**king joker."

Someone else also thought: "She's a great singer and performer but not a good actress. In my opinion it's not a good choice to turn the movie into a musical. What's the sense of that? Ps: i hate musicals."

However, not all were so upset with the potential news, and musical fans are seemingly looking forward to the idea of the new style of DC movie.

One wrote: "I can't believe the only way to get me interested in a Joker sequel would be to put Lady Gaga in it and have it be a musical and then they actually did that."

Someone else also said: "People are mad that the Joker sequel is gonna be a musical, but having a musical go on inside the mind of a madman is a FIIIRE concept."

Another added: "Can’t wait for all the people who took the first one so seriously going to make rage tweets about the movie."

Joaquin Phoenix in Joker.
Warner Bros.

Not to add fuel to the fire but it's important to mention that director Todd Phillips, who has signed on to direct the sequel, produced the critically acclaimed musical A Star Is Born, which also starred Lady Gaga. So he's no stranger to making a hit movie with loads of singing.

We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

The highly-anticipated sequel will drop on 4 October 2024, five years after the original.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros/PA Images/Alamy Stock Photo

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