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Caller Drops The C-Bomb Live On 'Saturday Kitchen' While Talking About Parsnips

Caller Drops The C-Bomb Live On 'Saturday Kitchen' While Talking About Parsnips

They are a controversial vegetable, after all.



There's not a lot hosts can do when someone swears on live TV, other than laugh it off and/or apologise profusely to the viewers at home.

But while this happens every now and again, it's very rare someone manages to slip in the c-bomb. Nevertheless, a caller named Dan from Edinburgh not only managed it on this morning's episode of Saturday Kitchen, but he did it with such casual finesse that it sounded like the most natural thing in the world.

We ain't about to judge, but what with it being early Saturday morning, perhaps our Dan was suffering after enjoying a few too many ales the night before - or maybe he's just really passionate about parsnips.

Either way, he called in to the morning cooking show to speak to host Matt Tebbutt, to whom he said: "At this time of year every c**t is banging on about parsnips."

You said it, Dan.

We can only imagine what he'd have to say about Brussels sprouts - it'd be NSFW, that's for sure.

Saturday Kitchen/BBC

The caller went on to ask, "What's a barrie side dish for Christmas?" The dude just wants to know what's good to eat aside from the usual trimmings.

Fortunately Matt and the panel - including top chefs Yotam Ottolenghi and Nicole Pisani and comedian Hugh Dennis - laughed off the comment and cracked on with the show, and even gave some suggestions on how to spice up the traditional festive veg.

Hopefully Dan from Edinburgh went about his day feeling a little lighter after getting that off his chest, and hopefully he picked up on Yotam's suggestions on how to give those tired parsnips a bit of an edge.

Saturday Kitchen/BBC

And you just know the internet's seeing the funny side too. In answer to the question of whether the guy just said c**t on live TV, one Twitter user replied: "He sure did and it's made my day."

One user wrote, "Casually dropping the C-bomb on #SaturdayKitchen," while another named Alison said, "Dan from Edinburgh you really brightened up my wholesome Sat morning. I spat my tea out and replayed it about 15 times #SaturdayKitchen".

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