Everyone Has Been Making The Same Joke About A 'Big Bang Theory' Sex Scene

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Everyone Has Been Making The Same Joke About A 'Big Bang Theory' Sex Scene

The Big Bang Theory is such a weird topic. When it first aired it was like: "Ah yeah, this is alright," before it was eventually labelled as a nerdy alternative for nerds. Now though, it's just like, wow, this is a really bad programme.

However, despite mass hatred from all over the globe, it still has its hardcore fans who are fully up to date on the activities of the scientists and their neighbour Penny.

For those who aren't, it's effectively four socially awkward guys hanging out with their socially awkward friends and girlfriends, getting themselves into socially awkward scenarios.

Not long back, the most awkward character, Sheldon Cooper, changed entirely when he finally climbed into the sack and did the deed with his long-term girlfriend Amy, who'd, for lack of a better phrase, had been gagging for it for years.


It was a highly anticipated segment of the series, which was met with many responses, but one response in particular prevailed.

People focused on the fact that not only did Sheldon have a better sex life than them, but also that he went at it for 'a few hours, in a bedroom far, far away'.

To most it means absolutely nothing because it is quite clearly fiction, though to the hardcore following that was mentioned earlier, it may as well be completely real.


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Sheldon and Amy's relationship has been built on year's of awkwardness, which actors Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik have often spoken about in interviews.

One thing that happened was that the former had to spank the latter in a scene, and it was a tad odd for many reasons.


Could be worse, of course, he could have to do all that and be skint at the same time.

According to Forbes, he's the highest paid TV actor accumulating an estimated $25.5 million (£19.7 million) in 2016. Jesus wept.


It was the second year the Emmy-winning actor, who commands a $1 million per episode salary, has come out on top of the list.

If you're going to star in an awful show, you may as well get paid well for it.

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