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I'm A Celeb Contestants Have Already 'Lost Six Stone' Between Them

I'm A Celeb Contestants Have Already 'Lost Six Stone' Between Them

Amir Khan, Jamie Lomas, and Stanley Johnson have lost the most weight, according to a source on from the show.

The I'm A Celeb campmates have only been in the jungle since November 19, but with a diet of predominately rice and beans - the weight is dropping off them.

According to the Mirror, Amir Khan, 30, Jamie Lomas, 42 and Stanley Johnson, 77, have lost the most weight.

An I'm A Celeb insider told the paper: "You are starting to see a real difference in the likes of Jamie and Amir. We estimate all 11 of them combined have shed around six stone."

The source continued: "On average each celebrity loses 11lbs, Most of this would be put back on within three weeks.

"Because the celebrities are eating healthy organic vegetables and meat, the body readily absorbs this so they make sure the meat is heavy in protein and the fruit and veg heavy in minerals, vitamins and glucose."


They continued: "They don't have processed food unless it's part of the Dingo Dollar challenge. And then, it's usually two pieces of chocolate or sweets. The celebrities are encouraged to drink a minimum of three litres of water a day.

"It a huge diet change, but no one complains as for most of them it is the best detox diet of their life."

This comes after Iain Lee was 'caught out' by viewers of the ITV show after they spotted him doing some weird hand signals, which they believe is his way of contacting and talking to his family. You can see him doing the signals in this video...

Credit: ITV Extra Camp

He's not the only one who's been caught out for sending signals out into the world, as Rebekah Vardy and Dennis Wise have apparently been jumping on the bandwagon.

Rebekah, who is married to Leicester City and England footballer Jamie Vardy, has been drawing on her hat with charcoal from the camp fire. She wrote a love heart and 'u' on the top of her hat, presumably aimed at her hubby and family back at home.

Dennis' communication skills are a little more secretive, and he does it each time Ant and Dec come into camp.

The retired footballer uses a secret gesture, each time the Geordie duo head into the jungle to reveal which unlucky celeb is set to compete in the Bushtucker Trial.

Each time his name is called out, Dennis places his hand over his heart, and leaves it there as they speak to him. He occasionally taps on his chest with his fingers, too.

These two gestures haven't gone unnoticed by I'm A Celebrity fans, and those who have spotted the moves took to Twitter to speculate on what they could mean.

One viewer quickly questioned: "Do you think Dennis' hand on his chest is a message to home? He does it every time!!

"@imacelebrity when Ant & Dec go into camp to say you will do the bush Tucker Trial, Dennis Wise puts his hand on his heart. Is that a secret message for Home ??" asked another fan.

"Secret message from Dennis Wise, always tapping his heart when Ant & Dec are there," added a final viewer.

Featured Image Credit: ITV / I'm A Celeb...

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