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It's Been 20 Years Since 'Space Jam' Came Out And Now We All Feel Really Old

Mel Ramsay

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It's Been 20 Years Since 'Space Jam' Came Out And Now We All Feel Really Old

The first movie I remember going to see was Space Jam, and finding out that it's 20 years old makes me feel old as balls. I remember thinking it was the cat's pyjamas. I loved it. R Kelly singing 'I Believe I Can Fly' during the end credits possibly even brought a little tear to my six-year-old eye. I dunno, I was young. I can't remember.

Space Jam was completely new. The writers thought completely outside the box. Or maybe Michael Jordan just fancied being in a movie and they wrote it around him.

They put CARTOONS into a NORMAL MOVIE. Yeah, I know it had been done before. But this was with Looney Tunes. Stuff we were familiar with! Bugs Bunny! Woah!


McDonald's Happy Meal toy makers probably rubbed their hands in glee. I definitely collected my fair share of the Space Jam toys.

However, there's one little thing that you probably didn't know. The Space Jam website is still live. AND there's electronic postcards, posters, wallpapers and browser icons to get your teeth into.


Look, I'm genuinely serious...

How good is that?! They've kept the original website going for 20 years.


Dara-Lynn Weiss, one of the masterminds behind the immortal website, told Rolling Stone: "I think the tragedy of digital media is the rarity that you can go back and look at this stuff. So much has gotten lost.

"Much of it wasn't of great value anyway, but sometimes I feel like they should all just stay up forever. Why not? There tends to be a better record of every other medium than the web, because when it's taken down, it's really gone. I think the site we made is a beautiful piece of nostalgia. There's the sad, abandoned internet, but with Space Jam, there's nothing about it that's that."

I already feel like I'm 20 years younger!

Featured image credit: Warner Bros.

Mel Ramsay
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