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Loose Women Discuss 'The Beast's Marriage To His Cousin During Interview

Loose Women Discuss 'The Beast's Marriage To His Cousin During Interview

This is awkward

Mel Ramsay

Mel Ramsay

The Chase's Mark 'The Beast' Labbett was on our screens in a different capacity today.

Taking to the hosts of Loose Women, the 52-year-old appeared alongside his wife, 26-year-old Katie.

The pair got married back in October 2014. At the time, they were unaware that they're actually second cousins. Their fathers are, in fact, first cousins.

Obviously, it's not illegal to marry your cousin. In the UK, marriages between cousins are perfectly legal and above board.

However, Andrea McLean decided to ask the pair about this while live on TV. Awkward.

Credit: ITV/Loose Women

Watching Katie's face, you can actually see her mood change from being happy and enjoying herself to becoming extremely agitated as Andrea asks about their family ties.

As you can see from the video above, Mark manages to dodge the question pretty quickly and starts rambling about being a bachelor. But it's hard to ignore Katie's face as she's clearly angry about the subject being mentioned.

Mark adds: "I was so used to being on my own, and as a bachelor, you're used to being selfish and doing things for yourself.

"The big struggle is having to do things for someone else."

People soon began to comment on Twitter about the fact they're related...

Another Chaser recently appeared on Loose Women: the queen of daytime telly, Anne Hegerty.

She went on to talk about life behind that mask of The Governess.

The 59-year-old strutted onto the stage in a flowing, bright top, make-up and flowery earrings.

Credit: ITV/Loose Women

Viewers couldn't cope...

Fans of the quiz show star were loving her new look as well as her honesty on the programme.

Anne told the panel: "You can't imagine how much I don't miss the suit. I don't know if I'd say I hate it. I love doing The Chase, it's been fantastic, I hope it goes on being fantastic. But that is not what I'd have chosen to wear."

She also revealed that The Governess wasn't the first title that the programme would bestow on her: "Originally, I was going to be called The Headmistress and during rehearsals Brad kept saying The Governess instead. I asked if I could change it to that - it's more kinky.

"A headteacher has a board of governors and OFSTED. A governess is a free agent."

The former journalist detailed how she turned her life around when two bailiffs arrived at her home one day and explained that she hadn't been paying her bills. But after getting some help to fill out forms for financial benefits, she built up her career to where she is now.

Anne has also appeared on Mastermind, Fifteen to One, Today's the Day, Are You an Egghead? and Brain of Britain.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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