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Robert Downey Jr Shares Behind-The-Scenes Video Of Spider-Man And Iron Man's Heartwarming Reunion

Robert Downey Jr Shares Behind-The-Scenes Video Of Spider-Man And Iron Man's Heartwarming Reunion

The scene didn't fully make the final cut

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward


When Spider-Man got dusted at the end of last year's Avengers: Infinity War, many thought that'd be it for super-powered Peter Parker, and especially his relationship with mentor Iron Man. As we all know, however, the dramatic events of Endgame brought them back together - and this behind-the-scenes reunion footage has given us the feelgood boost we needed today.

The video - shared by Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. on Instagram - shows an unedited scene where the pair reunite, and even with all the CGI yet to be added, it looks fully heartfelt and genuine.

Not only do they go in for a long, hard hug, but RDJ even gives co-star Tom Holland a little kiss on the cheek - and that's me done. Did Thanos snap his fingers again, or is it dusty in here...? Sob.

Over the last few years, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) have seen Spidey grow up under the watchful eye of Iron Man, from the webslinger's first appearance in 2016's Captain America: Civil War right through to the earth-shattering conclusion of Endgame. If you don't have a soft spot for their relationship, you have a heart of stone.

Throughout their father-son-style pairing, Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) and Peter Parker (Spider-Man) have given us some light relief with plenty of funny but genuine moments.

Unsurprisingly, fans' emotions were really put through the wringer when Spider-Man died following The Snap - and in Tony Stark's arms, no less.

So of course, fans got all soft and fuzzy at the reunion, expressing their emotions in the only way to do so - on Twitter.

Oh god, I think I'm going to cry all over again.

If the latest trailer for the forthcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home is anything to go by, it looks as though the events of Endgame are likely to have a huge impact on the life of Peter Parker.

The clip shows Spidey - among others - dealing with the aftermath of Iron Man's death, not to mention encountering Mysterio and learning something about the complex world of the 'multiverse'. Intrigued? Yeah, us too - can't wait for its release in July.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel

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