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70 Louis Theroux Documentaries Just Got Added To BBC iPlayer

70 Louis Theroux Documentaries Just Got Added To BBC iPlayer

The selection includes some of his classics, from series to standalone episodes, as well as some of his more obscure documentaries

Nathan Standley

Nathan Standley

Louis Theroux. He's the cult hero everyone wishes they could meet - and now we've got 70 of his documentaries that have just been put on BBC iPlayer for us to binge.

Most people have had plenty of hungover days or sleepless nights that have been chewed up by watching hour after hour of Louis Theroux documentaries.

Maybe that means we've seen most of them before - a lot of his documentaries already have pride of place on Netflix - but even the most ardent Theroux fans will probably be surprised at having not seen all of the 70 the BBC have put together for us.

And even if you have seen some (or even all) of them before, there's some absolute classics in there that are well worth a rewatch.

Louis Theroux.

Included are his documentaries in the Weird Weekends series, in which Louis spends some time being his hilariously befuddled, out-of-place self with some very unusual groups and communities, from swingers to Thai brides to TV evangelist Christians.

The Weird Weekends series ran from 1998 to 2000 and there are some absolute bangers in there.

In Self-Fulfilment (series three), for example, Louis visits Las Vegas to visit a hypnotist who says he can make people's dreams come true, and meets a man who teaches chat-up lines.

And in UFOs (series one) he visits people who firmly believe in the existence of UFOs.

But that's just the start. In the Law and Disorder documentaries, Louis explores life from the point of view of paramilitaries in Lagos, Nigeria, and then looks at high crime rates in Philadelphia, USA, by spending time with law enforcers and locals.


There is also the Louis Meets series, in which Louis goes off to meet public figures such as former politician Anne Widdecombe (featuring a classically awkward encounter about her potential status as a virgin) and boxer Chris Eubank.

There are also excellent standalone documentaries such as Louis And The Brothel and Louis And The Nazis.

Then there are some of his more recent creations, including the series Dark States which aired on the BBC in 2017 and addresses three American states in crisis over three different issues: heroin, sex trafficking and murder.

And there's plenty more besides - you're going to have to crack on straight away if you're gonna get Theroux this.

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