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'The Beaster Bunny' Is The Sh*t Horror Movie For Easter 2017

'The Beaster Bunny' Is The Sh*t Horror Movie For Easter 2017

Ahhh Easter. A time when the Easter bunny a firm family favourite to deliver all those eggs.

And all the images of this character show a grey-haired rabbit, with a big smile, carrying a basket of colourfully packaged chocolate goods.


However, there is a new version of this creation... in horror film format!

Nothing says 'Happy Easter' like watching a giant killer rabbit rampaging a town and killing all the locals.

A rabbit that demonstrates large jagged teeth and a taste for human flesh.

Credit: aimpublicity / YouTube


But, some movie makers have decided this is how best to mark the bank holiday weekend.

The film, titled 'The Beaster Bunny' was originally (and not so snappily) titled: 'Beaster Day: Here Comes Peter Cottonhell'.

The synopsis, for the film directed by the Snygg brothers, describes the action and reads: "A giant bloodthirsty Easter bunny starts viciously killing the local townsfolk. When the Mayor refuses to act and the attacks grow more gruesome, the town finds its very survival in the hands of a wannabe actress and a crazy dog-catcher."

How pleasant.

The trailer begins with the sun beating down on the countryside, but quickly shows some people being gobbled up by the giant. It's something that can only be described like Rexy, from Jurassic Park, stooping down on that poor bloke on the toilet.

Credit: aimpublicity / YouTube

The budget movie, which definitely won't be competing with Avatar for CGI graphics, may just be the perfect way to end your holiday weekend.

Let's just hope the Easter bunny doesn't deliver his eggs via United Airlines - their record with animals has just added to their human problems.

And these are just two pieces of news that seem to have it in for the bunny rabbits in April. Earlier today, Channel 5 decided to show the deaths of more of the furry creatures with the showing of Watership Down.Watership Down.

The film, which despite not necessarily being recommended for kids, shows a fair bit of violence, but was put on in the middle of the day.

That went down like a led balloon as you can imagine. A spokesman defended Channel 5's decision to air the film, telling the Mirror Online that it had become a 'seasonal tradition' for the channel, for which they decided 'not to buck the trend' this year.

Featured Image Credit: aimpublicity / YouTube

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