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Tom Hanks Isn't The Only Voice Of Woody From 'Toy Story'

Tom Hanks Isn't The Only Voice Of Woody From 'Toy Story'

Hanks' younger brother Jim voices Disney's famous Wild West cowboy doll when it comes to toys, video games and advertisements

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden

Everybody loves Woody from Toy Story, and the Wild West cowboy doll will forever be associated with the voice of the actor who plays him in the films - Tom Hanks.


Credit: BBC

But there's a secret to Woody that's guaranteed to give your worldview a shock: Tom Hanks isn't the only actor who voices him. Sorry if that fact makes you doubt the truth of your very existence.

Yep - as it turns out, whenever Woody has a snake in his boot that Hanks doesn't have the time to voice, Disney often turns to Tom's younger brother Jim to do the job instead.

It isn't the most glamorous job, essentially sweeping up after your more successful older brother, but hey, you do get to voice one of the most famous animated characters ever, so it can't all be bad.

Credit: BBC

The revelation first came into public knowledge in 2011 when Tom Hanks was a guest on the sofa on the BBC's The Graham Norton Show.

During his interview with Hanks, Norton tugged the string on the back of a Woody doll and asked Hanks if he was the person who voiced it.

"No, it's my brother Jim," Hanks admitted. "There are so many computer games and video things and Jim just works on those all year long."

"[Disney] said, 'You don't want to do this,'" Hanks explained, referring to the smaller Woody roles between full Toy Story films. "'So I said, 'Get my brother Jim, he'll do it.' So that's my brother Jim."

And yep, if you look at Jim Hanks' IMDb page you can see that it's chock full of credits where he has voiced Woody for various Toy Story projects.

Some of the things he was provided Woody's voice for include the video games for the three films of the Toy Story trilogy, as well as for the Disney Infinity game series.

That isn't the only impression Jim has done of his brother either: he has even impersonated Tom in The Polar Express, playing Tom's famous conductor character.

Here's a video of Jim in action doing his very best Tom impression:

So if you ever hear Woody outside of the actual Toy Story films - whether it's a video game, advert or a physical Woody doll - the likelihood is that you're listening to Jim at work.

Mind blown, eh? It just goes to show: it pays to be a successful bigger brother. If you're too busy to make an appearance, you can always just have your younger sibling do it for you.

Featured Image Credit: Disney/Pixar

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