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People stunned after learning how old Stifler’s mum was in American Pie

People stunned after learning how old Stifler’s mum was in American Pie

Don't you feel old now?

Fans of American Pie are stunned to discover they're older than Stifler's mum was in the movie.

If you're using the age of famous celebrities who were in your favourite movies as a milestone to mark when you've officially become old then sooner or later it's going to come back and bite you.

Anyone who's seen American Pie, a movie about a bunch of high school classmates who attempt to lose their virginity before graduation, will remember the impact Jennifer Coolidge's character made in the movie.

She played Stifler's mother, who had it going on far more than Stacy's mom, but some fans of the film are realising they're now older than she was in the movie.

Many American Pie fans are older now than Stifler's mom was in the movie.
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Coolidge was 38 when American Pie came out, and there are those who are not dealing with reaching or surpassing that age very well.

38 is hardly old, but tell an American Pie fan they're now older than Stifler's mum and they might have some sort of existential crisis.

Several reacting to this realisation were so stunned that their socks were comprehensively knocked off, with some saying they 'feel this pain' and 'this fact hurts'.

Others who've passed that respectable age of 38 have come to the realisation that the time of their birth is now closer to the Second World War than it is present day.

Someone else consoled themselves with the fact that 'Jim's dad was 53, so we are younger than him still at least'.

Others were still trying to wrap their head around Kevin's mum (Catherine O'Hara) being 36 in the first Home Alone film, so goodness knows how they'll cope with being 38.

As for what Coolidge is up to these days, she's been starring in the critically acclaimed series The White Lotus and in 2023 was named 'woman of the year' by Harvard University.

Well, at least she was by their Hasty Pudding Theatricals society but that was founded back in the 18th century so it's still a prestigious historical institution.

Meanwhile, she's spoken out a few times on her role in American Pie, and it sounds like she's quite glad that she starred in the film.

These days Jennifer Coolidge is busy winning Emmys.
ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

A couple of years ago she told Variety she 'got a lot of sexual action from American Pie' and claimed 'there would be like 200 people that I would never have slept with' if she'd not done the movie, though later said that had been an exaggeration.

She clarified that it did 'open up the world to a much broader group of handsome men'.

However, there was a downside that she felt typecast after doing American Pie and Legally Blonde and thought Hollywood didn't see her as someone who could do serious roles.

That's been somewhat remedied with The White Lotus, but Coolidge did acknowledge that without American Pie the 00s 'would've been a very dull decade'.

Still, here again the age of American Pie fans factored in as she remembered one funny encounter with a young man where after doing the deed Coolidge ended up on the phone with his mother getting a recommendation for a good place to get a blow dry.

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