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Michael Jackson biopic accused of nepotism as late singer's nephew plays him in first photo

Michael Jackson biopic accused of nepotism as late singer's nephew plays him in first photo

Fans online accuse the Michael Jackson biopic of nepotism

A long-awaiting biopic about the King of Pop has been accused of nepotism after casting Jaafar Jackson, the son of Michael's older brother, Jermaine Jackson.

The 27-year-old singer was cast to play a young Michael in the flick - which is titled Michael - and directed by Antoine Fuqua, set to be released on 18 April 2025.

Having been trained by the best people in the entertainment industry since he was a tot, it’s no shock that they chose one of their own to take on the role of Michael, who had been a star since the Jackson 5.

But the clan have been accused of partaking in nepotism by the casting decision-makers.

Jaafar Jackson has been cast as Michael in the biopic.
Instagram/ jaafarjackson

Fans on X, formerly Twitter were not too pleased with production and ranted about nepotism striking Hollywood once again.

A user wrote: “Do you think Denzel Washington or Will Smith can play Quincy Jones in the upcoming Michael Jackson Biopic?

“They are both close friends of the Director Antoine Fuqua and this movie is clearly about nepotism.”

Someone else asked: “Michael Jackson's nephew Jaafar Jackson has been cast to play his uncle in an upcoming biopic. Is this genius casting or another case of nepotism?”

Another wasn’t happy but understood the casting choice: “Nepotism? Sure. Then again, I couldn’t think of any young actor who can play this role.”

However, the big wigs behind the film’s creation believe that Jaafar is the best pick.

Producer Graham King reportedly scoured the world for the perfect actor and landed on Jaafar due to his likeness and talents.

Online fans accused Jaafar of nepotism.
Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

He said: "I met Jaafar over two years ago and was blown away by the way he organically personifies the spirit and personality of Michael.

"It was something so powerful that even after conducting a worldwide search, it was clear that he is the only person to take on this role. I am beyond thrilled that he has come on board to portray his uncle and cannot wait for the world to see him on the big screen as Michael Jackson."

Jaafar recently took to social media to announce his excitement over the role: "I’m humbled and honored to bring my Uncle Michael’s story to life. To all the fans all over the world, I’ll see you soon."

Jaafar's mother, Katherine Jackson, reacted to the news and said: "Jaafar embodies my son. It’s so wonderful to see him carry on the Jackson legacy of entertainers and performers."

LADbible contacted Lionsgate for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Lionsgate/ Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

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