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Tom Hardy film with scene branded ‘best in British film’ is streaming on Netflix

Tom Hardy film with scene branded ‘best in British film’ is streaming on Netflix

The 2015 film is often mentioned when people talk about the 'best' British cinema has to offer

A Tom Hardy movie that has a scene dubbed the ‘best in British film’ is streaming on Netflix - if you’re on the lookout for something to watch on New Year’s Day.

A thread on social media asked folks what the ‘best scene in a British film’ was and suggested that scene from Dead Man’s Shoes. You know the one. The one that everyone loves.

The one that shows Paddy Considine in the role of Richard having a goosebump-inducing confrontation with Sonny (Gary Stretch).

That scene has widely been praised as Considine’s best performance and is regularly bandied about when people talk about the best of British cinema.

However, Hardy’s appearance in biographical crime thriller Legend is also worth a mention.

The 2015 movie sees Hardy playing both Reggie and Ronnie Kray – the twin brothers at the forefront of London’s criminal underground in the 1960s.

To pull off playing the infamous twins, Hardy relied on CGI, earpieces, and some body doubles. Clever, eh?

Legend stars Tom Hardy as Ronnie and Reggie Kray.
Universal Pictures

Speaking about the complex job of playing two lead roles, Hardy said: "The two characters, they were pretty easy to slip between. The complicated part was to make an audience believe it wasn’t one performer doing both parts."

As well as a double helping of Hardy, Legend, which follows the rise and fall of the notorious criminals, also has a pretty solid scene, which one X user reckons is the best in British film.

Responding to the thread mentioned above with a clip, they wrote: “This entire scene.”

In the scene in question, we see an explosive fight break out between sparring sides at a pub, which quickly descends into a grisly mess.

The Legend fight scene has been branded the ‘best’ of British cinema.
Universal Pictures

And it turns out plenty of people agree that it’s one of the best, with one person commenting: "The pub fight scene in Legend is one of my most favourite scenes in history."

Another agreed: "The pub fight scene in Legend is one of the most iconic scenes ever and if you don't agree you can suck my d**k."

A third also said: "The pub fight scene in Legend is up there with my favourite movie scenes of all time."

Someone else went even further saying it was the ‘best scene in any film ever’. Praise doesn’t come much higher than that really, does it?

And you’ll be pleased to know you can watch that scene - and the rest of the movie - right now as it’s streaming on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures

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