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Extremely valuable Blu-Ray movies that are now worth a lot of money if you have them in your collection

Extremely valuable Blu-Ray movies that are now worth a lot of money if you have them in your collection

You could have some very valuable movies

You might have a veritable goldmine sitting on your shelf in disc form.

While we might rely increasingly on streaming platforms to bring us what we want to see, there's nothing as safe as the guarantee of having the physical media.

Your favourite films can get tossed around the streaming companies willy-nilly until they land on one you're not subscribed to, or they might just not show up at all.

YouTuber Jeff Rauseo explained that some discs were now valuable commodities on eBay, and pointed out that if you really wanted to know what they were going for you needed to search the sales that had been completed instead of the listings.

He picked out some of the most extreme examples of Blu-Ray costs, though steered clear of collector's editions as this was about films which are expensive by themselves, never mind when you all in a whole host of collectibles.

Pretty pricey, but you ain't seen nothing yet.

28 Days Later

Like we told you yesterday, a movie not being available on streaming when the discs are out of production is going to whack the price up.

Expect to pay somewhere in the region of £40 to get the Blu Ray of 28 Days Later, and prepare your mind to boggle at some of the upcoming prices.

Want to see this in Blu-Ray? It'll cost you.
Warner Bros.

Free Willy

The 1993 classic about setting a whale free is a film many of you might have on your shelves tucked away somewhere.

The DVD is pretty cheap but on eBay a Blu-Ray of the film most recently sold for £67.41 though earlier this month one sold for a staggering £94.60.

The discs are out of production, making what's left very valuable.
20th Century Studios

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Ok, now we're talking the big bucks.

This 2006 movie stars Uma Thurman as an embittered superheroine who makes life hell for her ex boyfriend (Luke Wilson) after he dumps her for being controlling.

The discs are out of production and so people are really intent on spending a lot of money for the Blu-Ray of this, with someone buying one on eBay this month for £94.60.


Godzilla & Mothra: Battle Earth & King Ghidora

Full disclosure, I've never heard of this one but if you somehow have it somewhere then the last one bought on eBay went for £33.10.

Rauseo explained that there were certain genres of film which would bring in much more money like anime (we're talking hundreds of quid), but wanted to keep his suggestions to the movies more people might have gathering dust on their shelves.

The DVD of Dogma isn't too pricey but the Blu-Ray, hoo boy.


If you've not seen this film then you've probably at least seen the 'cool Jesus' meme it spawned.

The Kevin Smith movie follows two fallen angels (Ben Affleck and Matt Damon) trying to get back into heaven, and the woman (Linda Fiorentino) tasked with stopping them from destroying all creation.

Depending on whether you're going for the DVD or Blu-Ray will determine how much this film will set you back, as while the DVDs of Dogma are going for a pretty cheap price the last Blu-Ray of this film sold on eBay went for a whopping £102.20.

The cult classic is now hugely expensive to find.
20th Century Studios


How much would you spend on the Blu-Ray of a 1994 movie starring Adam Sandler, Brendan Fraser and Steve Buscemi which flopped with the critics but later became a cult classic?

If you said £204.98 then we'd say we think you looked up the answer, but that's how much this disc is now worth.

Do you want to buy this Blu-Ray? It's a fortune.

At Long Last Love (£189.22)

Now we know what people are willing to pay for a 1994 cult movie, but how much would you say a 1975 musical comedy starring Burt Reynolds would be worth?

Last month someone paid £189.22 to buy a pristine Blu-Ray of At Long Last Love, a film so panned that director Peter Bogdanovich put out newspaper ads where he apologised for making the movie.

However, there are fans of it and over the years opinion towards it has softened.

Featured Image Credit: Flickr Jess Gatley/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images

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