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Sky presenter causes outrage with reaction to 13-year-old kid who made history beating Tetris

Sky presenter causes outrage with reaction to 13-year-old kid who made history beating Tetris

People weren't happy with what she said about the 13-year-old

A Sky News presenter has been hit with a backlash after making comments about a 13-year-old who managed to 'beat' Tetris.

Jayne Secker was criticised for her comments about the 13-year-old after a segment which covered his achievement.

Sky News was reporting that Willis Gibson, from Oklahoma, was the first person who managed to prove that they have been able to 'beat' the game.

You surely know how Tetris goes, different blocks come down and you fit them together to make lines, the more lines you make the faster the blocks come until you can't keep up and the screen fills up.

Also there's never a damn line piece when you need one.

13-year-old Willis Gibson is the first person in the world confirmed to have won Tetris.
Willis Gibson

It's simple, easy to understand and infinitely challenging, which is part of the reason why Tetris has stood the test of time for so long.

Anyhow, the game is theoretically supposed to go on until the player loses, but when Gibson was playing the original Nintendo version of the game he cleared 1,511 lines and reached level 157.

At this point the game would go no further, and since Tetris threw in the towel while Gibson remained undefeated he becomes the first confirmed person to actually win the game.

Until now only AI has been able to play Tetris to completion, meaning the 13-year-old has achieved something nobody else has managed to do.

Gibson dedicated the achievement to the memory of his father, who passed away in December.

After reporting on this segment, Secker added: "As a mother I would just say step away from the screen, go outside, get some fresh air.

"Beating Tetris is not a life goal. Speaking of fresh air, let's get a look at the weather."

The presenter has had a backlash after saying 'beating Tetris is not a life goal'.
Sky News

As far as the news was concerned that was it and it was time to move onto the weather forecast.

However, plenty have taken to social media to criticise Secker for her comments on Gibson's achievement, with the replies to her latest posts on X (Twitter) flooded with people calling her out.

People accused her of having 'insulted a child' and told her what she said was 'absolutely uncalled for', while another said it was 'discouraging' to see someone doing down the 13-year-old's achievement.

Others called her out for praising Luke Littler's meteoric rise in the world of darts while saying Gibson's Tetris win was 'not a life goal'.

Someone else said they 'usually like Jayne Secker' but 'must disagree with her on this one'.

LADbible has contacted Jayne Secker for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Sky News / Willis Gibson

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