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Gordon Ramsay Reveals The One Person He Was Scared To Cook For

Gordon Ramsay Reveals The One Person He Was Scared To Cook For

Evenly the famously sweary chef gets nervous sometimes

Gordon Ramsay may have become famous for angrily looming over people in the kitchen, routinely shouting at chefs for raw food or – worse still – being late with the lamb sauce, but it turns out there’s one person that he’s been intimidated by, admitting he ‘s***’ himself when he had to cook for them. Find out who it was in the video below: 

In a recent interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Ramsay, 55, spoke about how he’s cooked for countless celebrities over the years – saying the first famous face he remembers cooking for was Princess Diana. 

But in 2000, he treated then-Prime Minister Tony Blair to a slap-up meal at Downing Street, when a certain Russian president was the dinner guest. 

When Clarkson asked Ramsay who the ‘most intimidating person’ he’d ever cooked for was, he recalled the time that none other than Vladimir Putin came over for tea at Downing Street. 


He said: “I remember being invited to Downing Street to cook for Tony Blair and President Putin. 

“Then I genuinely did s*** myself thinking, 'Can you imagine if you food poisoned these two f***ers? Can you imagine the kind of s*** I would get if I took these presidents down?’ 

“And then I finished for them and you have to go upstairs for the First Ladies, and cook the same thing in this tiny little flat – you had to take your own pots and pans!” 


He added: “So that was quite an extraordinary experience. 

“You’re sort of standing in between them to say hello, and they’re asking me about the English-picked asparagus and I'm thinking 'Get me the f*** out of here, I'm done.'" 

Ramsay was also asked about what it was like cooking for Putin on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in 2018, when he expressed the same sense of fear.

Gordon Ramsay cooked for Tony Blair and Vladimir Putin in 2000.

“If I f*** that one up, I’ll be in trouble, right?” he said, describing the experience as 'nerve-wracking' as Putin was a 'tough cookie'.

However, he added: "He loved the food by the way."

As for his encounter with Lady Di, Ramsay seemed to remember it with a little more fondness. 

“It was just this amazing moment, meeting such a wonderful lady,” he told Clarkson in the recent interview.

“She was asking about the specials and how she wanted to eat properly, and have a dessert.

“It was just this incredible six minutes at the table that you never forget.” 

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