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Here’s how Andrew Tate makes his money

Here’s how Andrew Tate makes his money

He's one of the biggest people on social media at the moment and he's found a way to cash in on that fame.

Andrew Tate has experienced a meteoric rise in 2022.

The social media influencer and former professional kickboxer has racked up 11.6 billion views on TikTok and surged to the top of search results.

This dramatic uptick in popularity is no accident either: it’s a consequence of Tate encouraging his fans to flood social media with his content to maximise engagement.

It’s a stunt that has made him millions. Bio Overview puts his current net worth at $350 million USD.

The fans spreading Tate’s content are part of his 'Hustler’s University', an online educational program with no institutional accreditation where members pay a monthly fee to receive advice on topics such as cryptocurrency, e-commerce and stock trading.

Members receive a commission fee from recruiting other people to the website, which has led some to describe it as a 'pyramid scheme'.

Although Tate has made most of his money from Hustler’s University, it is his views on women and sexuality that have really put him in the limelight.

Tate has claimed that women should 'bear some responsibility' for being sexually assaulted, leading to him being banned from Twitter.

Tate has also stated that he only dates women aged 18 or 19 so he can 'make an imprint' on them.

He's applauded Donald Trump for 'grabbing b***hes by the p***y' and has described women as 'a man’s property'.

This all forms part of Tate’s self-described strategy of using controversy to achieve fame and in his case he has been incredibly successful.

In a recent interview on The Project, Australian influencer Abbie Chatfield revealed that she has been increasingly receiving misogynistic messages on social media from those influenced by Tate’s messages around women.

Featured Image Credit: Andrew Tate/Instagram

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