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James Corden and Adele get emotional in his final-ever Carpool Karaoke

James Corden and Adele get emotional in his final-ever Carpool Karaoke

The Late Late Show host teared up as he spoke to Adele and spoke about how much he admired the Hello singer.

She might be used to saying 'Hello', but Adele has helped James Corden say a final goodbye to The Late Late Show.

Taking part in the final carpool karaoke alongside the 'Easy on Me' singer, the talk show host became incredibly emotional as he spoke about the last nine seasons with the singer.

However, it wasn't a total sob-fest and contained several hilarious moments, which will air later this week.

This included the Grammy-award winner sneaking into Corden's LA home to wake him up for his final trip.

Rather than waking him with a beautiful morning chorus though, the singer savagely snuck up on him with cymbals which she clashed together as he slept.

Adele isn't a great driver apparently.

Whilst most of us would be unimpressed by the prank, all was forgiven as Adele announced she would be the one driving him to work to mark the end of his eight year tenure.

Though the pair have been friends for decades, Corden may regret allowing the 'Someone Like You' to get behind the wheel as the singer quickly admitted to 'sh**ting' herself over the car journey.

"I'm actually not a brilliant driver," she told viewers, with the talk show host then joking that he was 'scared'.

As well as ribbing the sometimes controversial TV host, fans of the series were also treated to several impromptu performances by Adele as she sung some of her greatest hits including: 'Rolling in the Deep' and 'Love is a Game'.

It wasn't long though that the sad melodies began to hit home, with Adele even admitting that 'I Drink Wine' was inspired by Corden.

The pair became emotional as they reflected on their friendship.

Whilst they prepared to belt out the ballad, the Grammy award winner revealed that song's first verse had stemmed from a six-hour conversation the pair had as they returned from holiday.

"This song is very special to both of us," she admitted, saying that the talk show host had used humour to help his friend cope in the wake of her heart-breaking divorce.

"You, Jules and the kids were so integral in looking after me," she said, with the pair becoming teary as they drove through downtown LA.

The pair also confessed that they will be sad to live apart from each other after so many years in California together.

Reflecting on their friendship and the end of The Late Late Show, the teary talk-show host said: "I think I underestimated how many friends I'd made doing it [the show] and it's like a family."

However, Corden did admit that he knew it was the right thing to leave the US and return to the UK as he missed loved ones back home.

As the carpool came to an end, he tearful told the Tottenham-born singer that she was his best friend and then broke down as he spoke about moving away, saying: "But I'm just so certain that it's time...".

Best have your tissues at the ready as Corden's final The Late Late Show airs later this week on April 27.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/TheLateLateShow

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