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Footage Of Jamie Campbell Bower Recording Vecna Voice Shows His Ridiculous Acting Range

Footage Of Jamie Campbell Bower Recording Vecna Voice Shows His Ridiculous Acting Range

Stranger Things fans have been left blown away by Jamie Campbell Bower's vocal range

*Warning: this article contains spoilers for Stranger Things season four*

Stranger Things fans have been left blown away by Jamie Campbell Bower's vocal range, after the actor shared a video of him recording Vecna's voice.

You may have thought the stellar cast of the hit Netflix supernatural series couldn't possibly get any better in season four.

However, the additions of Eduardo Franco (Argyle), Joseph Quinn (Eddie) and Campbell Bower (Henry Creel/One/Vecna) proved us all wrong.

Campbell Bower in particular has left Stranger Things fans gobsmacked after he revealed some behind the scenes (BTS) footage of him voice recording for the villainous role of Vecna.

Stranger Things fans have been left gobsmacked by Jamie Campbell Bower's Vecna voice.

Campbell Bower took to his Instagram to share footage of him doing some automated dialogue replacement (ADR) work 'a few weeks before release'.

The caption reads: "Taken by the best duo in the world The Duffers. @strangerthingstv @netflix."

In the video, Campbell Bower can be seen performing a part of the script which features in the last episode of season four.

The scene sees him explain to Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) how by banishing him to the world of the Upside Down, she gave him the opportunity to 'transcend' his 'human self' and be 'the predator [he] was always born to be'.

The BTS video has caused Stranger Things fans to erupt in awe of Campbell Bower, starstruck over the actor's incredible vocal range - the video showing off just how low he made his voice go to achieve Vecna's spine-chilling growl.

Multiple users flocked to the post in shock, revealing they thought Vecna's voice was a result of voice effects.

"YOUR VOICEEE!!?!!???" one commented.

Another said: "How is your voice so deep i cant."

One fan – who goes by 'Jamie's lover' (@jamiecampbellbowerstan) – also shared a clip of the BTS recording on TikTok, along with the caption: "It still amazes me how he voices vecna."

The post has amassed over three million views, with fans in disbelief that Vecna's voice wasn't a result of editing but Campbell Bower's own range and skill.

Despite how well the villain's voice has gone down, Campbell Bower admitted it was 'really tough' to find Vecna's voice.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: "I started with this weird kind of [grunting] thing in the read-through, and you know when you’re doing something wrong, the room goes cold. I knew I hadn’t gotten it at that point, that I had to work more at it. And it was predominantly through meditation that I found it.

"One of the most fascinating things about Henry/One/Vecna is that there’s constantly this level of truth. And for me, when I tell the truth, I’m still and my voice gets so much lower. It happens to all of us. And when we’re excited, and we’re not breathing properly [our voices go up]. So it took me to calm down, be as open as possible to it and let it come."

However, eventually the actor pinned down the voice through a process of sending voice notes to the Duffer brothers and filming himself on his laptop accompanied by 'quite dark, low-frequency music'. "And I remember the day that it happened, but it took a minute.

"It was just one of those things that over time naturally came, but I think because what he says is so rooted in truth, that was always the thing that was there: Be in the belly; it’s all in there, you know what to do; don’t think about it too much," he explained.

Campbell Bower revealed that he 'loved talking in the voice' of Vecna so much he would continue to embody it even outside of filming.

He told Screen Rant: "I loved talking in the voice. That was always my favorite thing, talking in the voice. 

"So, at the end of a long day, the things that were coming out of my mouth in the Vecna voice were always very interesting and very funny. But, I really like just skulking around and being grim."

The actor admitted in maintaining Vecna's voice off-screen, he even ended up scaring multiple members of the cast, including Millie Bobby Brown, who ended up 'absolutely terrified' of him.

"And the poor actress who plays Chrissy. The Chrissy kill was my first day on the job and I would be talking to myself in the house; she’d be in the hall and I’d be in the bathroom calling out her name, and she was really spooked.

"Also, we filmed that at four in the morning, which doesn’t help! That’s scary for anyone."

Featured Image Credit: @bowerjamie/Instagram/Netflix

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