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Jimmy Carr Reveals He Lost His Virginity At 26

Jimmy Carr Reveals He Lost His Virginity At 26

The legendary British comedian revealed the personal news in an intimate interview with Jay Rayner

Jimmy Carr has revealed he lost his virginity at the not-so-tender age of 26 in an interview to discuss his book with restaurant critic Jay Rayner.

Jimmy featured on an episode of the Out To Lunch With Jay Rayner podcast when he revealed the news.

Jimmy said: "I think from a therapeutic point of view, (I was) probably a little bit too close to my mother and that's something that stops you from forming relationships.

"I think it's also one of those things where it's quite nice to talk about because everyone assumes it happens when you're 16 or 18 or whatever the norm is now, and then it's the same for everyone, they all have a great time."

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Jimmy opened up about the effect the lack of physical relationships made on him in his early years in a separate interview for The Guardian.

“It’s like, not everyone’s doing that at the same time," he said. "But if you’re watching Euphoria on TV as a 16-year-old you’re gonna think: ‘What the f**k? I’ve never had a threesome – what’s going on?’.

“Is this making me sound like an incel elder?

"I did have opportunities but I was bad at reading the signs and I would friend-zone people.

"A lot of girls I was very, very close to growing up, we had incredibly intimate relationships, but we didn’t have a physical relationship and it was lovely …”

Out To Lunch With Jay Rayner

After a pause, Jimmy admitted he had been a little stressed by his still very present virginity.

“But it was probably a good thing because if things had been a bit better in my early 20s, I might not have quit my job for comedy.”

Back on the podcast, Jay asked Jimmy whether he spoke to anyone about his virginity at the time.

Jimmy said: "Yes. I was pretty open about that, certainly with friends.

"I think the perception of normality when it comes to development or sex or whatever, the idea that there's a norm and everyone must live up to the norm is not terribly healthy. It's not a race."

Jimmy was promoting his self-help book meets memoir; Before And Laughter: A Life Changing Book.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy