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Kate Bush Is Making An Absolute Killing After Running Up That Hill Went To Number One

Kate Bush Is Making An Absolute Killing After Running Up That Hill Went To Number One

Running Up That Hill reaching top spot in the charts is very good news for Kate Bush.

The success of season four of Stranger Things has been good news for Kate Bush, with the singer's iconic tune 'Running Up That Hill' playing a major part in the plot and ultimately earning her a huge amount of money.

Before you read on, however, we must warn you that spoilers for Stranger Things lay ahead...

The kids of Hawkins soon discovered that one of the tricks to surviving an encounter with the fourth season's monstrous villain, Vecna, is to hear your favourite song.

This certainly came in handy when Vecna went after youngster Max, who was saved from his deadly grip by listening to the Kate Bush track she had been playing throughout the season.

Since then, the popularity of 'Running Up That Hill' has skyrocketed as new audiences have been introduced to the song.

It has become so popular, in fact, that the single finally reached the top of the UK music charts a whopping 37 years after first being released in 1985.

Kate Bush's 'Running Up That Hill' has shot to the top of the music charts after being used in Netflix series Stranger Things.

All of this success has been great news for Kate Bush, especially as her own company - Noble & Brite - owns the recording rights to the song.

Last week, 'Running Up That Hill' picked up more than 48 million global streams on Spotify, while it raked in more than 57 million streams the week before that and gained over 32 million streams a week earlier.

That's more than 137 million streams in three weeks, which according to our calculations means she could have earned more than $500,000 dollars in royalties just from Spotify streaming in the last three weeks alone.

Add physical sales, streams and downloads on other platforms, it's very likely Bush has been making an absolute killing off the back of her song's newfound popularity thanks to Stranger Things.

And it has since emerged the singer allowed the team behind Stranger Things to use her song as she's actually a fan of the Netflix show herself.

She recently released a statement saying she found the newfound love for her song 'utterly brilliant' and thanked everyone who had come to love the song, offering 'a really special thank you' to the Duffer Brothers 'for creating something with such heart'.

Running Up That Hill is Max's favourite song in Stranger Things, and it ultimately saved the character from a gristly death.

Written and produced by Bush for her fifth album Hounds of Love, 'Running Up That Hill' was first released through EMI Records in 1985.

The song is now distributed through Warner Music Group, but Bush still owns the rights to the song.

It reached number three in the UK charts when it was first released, while a remix of the song hit sixth spot after it was used in the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games.

The song's success has made Bush the oldest woman to top the UK singles charts and the artist with the longest gap between chart topping singles after Wuthering Heights hit top spot 44 years ago.

Meanwhile, 'Running Up That Hill's' 37 years to reach the top of the charts has pipped previous record holder Wham's 'Last Christmas', which spent 36 years before reaching the top spot.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Netflix

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